Room for opinions? – Hemnes newspaper

Room for opinions?  – Hemnes newspaper

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Is there room for differences of opinion in the municipality, and does the one who shouts the loudest have the municipality’s opinions?

On Monday evening, I and several others attended an FFI meeting regarding the start of a green ammonia planning program in the municipality of Hemnes.

The matter itself is complex, as there is no doubt that such a plant consumes a lot of energy, natural spaces will be lost, agricultural land may be covered with asphalt, etc. In addition, it is not concretely known what the local community and the community at large will receive in return for such a development.

But what is absolutely certain is that such a plant has significant negative aspects, but also significant positive aspects.

During the meeting, questions, comments and input were provided on the FFI, Norconsult and the start-up plan. During this ban, it was claimed, among other things, that such a factory would create division in the local community and for this reason, among other things, these plans should be shelved. This along with many entries received a great deal of applause.

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My thoughts then are as follows; Doesn't this jubilation create greater division in the local community?
Should you belittle the opinions of others just because you have different viewpoints?
Can you then provide good arguments for and against an issue, if both sides cannot express their opinion respectfully?
Shouldn't you be able to make plans for commercial activities or anything else in the municipality just so you can create discord or discord?

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For me, the answer is quite clear. Such jubilation, regardless of which side of the issue you are on, does not mean that the issue is well thought out and discussed. It also means that there are steep fronts and divisions even before the issue begins, and if you want society to develop in one direction or another, you have to be able to have a debate that brings out everyone's opinions.

Now I am a landowner in the only area where the factory could be located, but so far I am not sure whether I am for or against the factory. Admittedly I could get by just fine in some areas with such a factory, but I also lose something along the way as I grew up in the fields, used the land for commercial activities, used it for recreation, and we would eventually have the factory as our neighbor.

I hope the future knowledge base will result in municipal politicians voting for or against such a development, because I fully respect both outcomes. And by the way, I really appreciate everyone who's involved regardless of their opinion, but I hope there's a culture of debate that makes room for everyone's opinions, makes room for realistic arguments and respect for everyone's sides of the issue.

Good discussion!

Robin Sjogard

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