Rosenborg: Adressa commentator with clear speech about football style Kjetil Rekdal: – Fumbles in the blind

Rosenborg: Adressa commentator with clear speech about football style Kjetil Rekdal: – Fumbles in the blind
UNDER PRESSURE: Rosenborg coach Kjetil Rekdal, here during Wednesday’s match against Brann in Lerkendal.

TRONDHEIM (VG) Losing against Vålerenga on Saturday could mean the beginning of the end for Kjetil Rekdal in Rosenborg, says commentator Adresseavisen.


– I think it will be a fateful battle for Rykdal. If Rosenborg loses after that, the pressure will be absolutely overwhelming. The gap between Bodø/Glimt and the best teams is so great that the gold medal game is over. There will be more talk of relegation than medal,” Berger Lovaldelli told VG.

In the sunlight and temperature that showed ten degrees on Thursday morning, the Trønders licked their wounds after a poor performance against Brann on Wednesday night.

It was another game without attacks and good goals. Instead, it was guests from Bergen who dominated the game in Lerkendal and ensured that Tronders had a weaker start to the season.

Already on Saturday, Rosenborg will face Vålerenga under heavy pressure in Lerkendal.

With the loss to Team Oslo, Luvaldelli believes things will happen behind the scenes as the next opponent is once again called Bodo/Glimt.

– The pressure will be so immense that it will likely mean the beginning of the end for Rekdal’s time at Rosenborg. Then there’s a lot to deal with, a lot to get right, and so I’m not sure if management thinks this is the right way to go.

In response to Loveldelli’s remarks, Reckdahl responds as follows:

– I don’t waste time on it, we live in a free country, and people can write and think whatever they want. I understood that the situation here is worse than in other places. Things are going well for me.

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Narrator: Berger Lovaldelli, pictured here earlier this winter.

Rekdal is concerned that the attacks continued on Wednesday night as well.

The RBK coach said it will take time with a youthful group of players as the offensive line is relatively formed.

– I think the team is frustrated and angry, and perhaps the worst feeling is that they’re confused as to why that is, says Loveldelli.

He thinks Rekdal’s way of thinking may be correct, but one still needs to see the development in the game.

– And if everyone believes in it so strongly, it’s okay that it takes time. But I’m not sure if everyone strongly believes in it. If not, then it’s just empty words, because it looks like blind groping.

– He changes a lot during matches, from one match to another, the players and the formation. It’s hard to see what the basic idea is, if the basic idea is that they should build something recognizable and rhymes with what Rosenborg traditionally stands for.

In trouble: Captain Markus Henriksen and other Rosenborg players can’t get things going on the pitch.

Rekdal himself says he can understand that they seem to be groping blindly.

– We have internal discussions every time to gain experience, this is the only way to make people better. It’s bringing them into the field.

– Then we may have changed a lot in research to get someone into the eye of a needle so that they get enough minutes on the field, can learn and take steps for the next game. So you could say it goes beyond team safety, Rekdal says.

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Then he remembers that they were on to something in the summer and fall of 2022.

– We have to go back there. This is what we focus on. Then we have to tolerate that other people have opinions about how we look. We are clearly not at the level we would like to have, says Rosenborg’s coach.


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