Rosenborg refuses to stand guard:

Rosenborg refuses to stand guard:

HOLMENKOLLEN (Dagbladet): While some members of the cross-country national team are very happy with Molde taking gold in the Eliteserien Series on Sunday, there is less joy among some members of the national team from Trondheim.

The one who really enjoyed the gold chain was running coach and fashion designer Arild Monsen, national team runner Even Northug confirms to Dagbladet.

– I almost wrote what I would answer here now, if I were to take part in the World Cup in the winter, says Northog, before he says:

– No, he is enjoying the fact that Molde became the league champion.

Although many national cross-country teams are currently assembled in Holmenkollen, not only cross-country skiing is discussed.

– Monson probably mentioned the word “honor guard” more than ten times during the meeting already, and we’ve been here for two days, and there will be many more.

When asked why he was so concerned about it, Monson replied:

– Of course, because I am from birth, and I am proud to congratulate Maulid on a great season, Monsen tells Dagbladet.

Even Northog was unimpressed by Rosenborg's decision.  Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB

Even Northog was unimpressed by Rosenborg’s decision. Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB
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You don’t see the problem

Since Molde claimed league gold on Sunday, there have been many opinions on whether Rosenborg should stand up ahead of Sunday’s showdown between their arch-rivals at Aker Stadium.

Monday already Rosenborg reported that this was not appropriate to do.

On the other hand, the one who thinks Rosenborg should stand guard is Tori Stromoy, that suffered a crushing defeat in April Against Cecily Gutas Johnson in the club presidency battle.

Refusing to stand in line for a minute when we are outdone is pretty trivial. I mean. If I had something to say, I’d tell the boys to stand up, Stromoy told Dagbladet on Tuesday.

Even Northug thinks little of Rosenborg not stand guard of honor for his birth.

They can stand with their heads held high and clap, and they also don’t have to clap properly. You can show that you don’t mean it, but you can, because I think that would be a nice gesture, says Northough.

He is backed by fellow national teammate and teammate Emil Iversen, who says he doesn’t see how much Rosenborg lost by standing as a keeper for a few seconds.

– I think it’s perfectly fine to be careful, I don’t quite see the problem.

Moldeser trainer and sprinter Arild Monsen has every reason to smile widely during the day.  Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

Moldeser trainer and sprinter Arild Monsen has every reason to smile widely during the day. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB
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Not completely objective

Although the honor guard has never been a topic for cross-country skiers, Iverson is clear about what he will do.

“For my part, I shouldn’t have made me upset in any way, but to them something or other seems to bother them a little,” Iverson says.

He says the team now, led by Monsen, believes Rosenborg should have been careful on Sunday.

– It came from my birth, so it’s not entirely objective, but I totally agree, I don’t quite see the problem.

Preparation: Emil Iversen appears here and there. Video: Lucas/Cersland.
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Nice topic

The running coach believes that a small habit that has been in Norwegian football for a few years should continue.

Monsen himself is clear about what he would say if he were the coach of Rosenborg.

– “Guys, Molde is 16 points ahead. We take that slap and don’t spend more energy on it, it’s been done before and quickly we put it aside. But, we’re going to crush them at Aker Stadion in just a few minutes, and we’ll also use that as an incentive for the season.” Next. It’s over with the case!”, says Monsen, who notes that the honor guard has become a fun topic on the team.

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