Rosenborg’s new coach Kjetil Rekdal – Panic raging at RBK

Rosenborg’s new coach Kjetil Rekdal – Panic raging at RBK

And Rosenborg has distinguished the dogs of their lives for two generations from Trondelag. Decades of RBK elevated local identity; It was great to be from Trondelag.

Because when it comes to the football that RBK has been committed to, it’s not the same with Trønder Rock. There, the inhabitants of Trondelag can also start a discussion about how sour it looks:

Lung disease from namsosAnd books Newly hired local editor that day about the trønder Rock phenomenon.

This sparked fierce local strife, but every now and then no one in Trondelag could suspect the disease had spread to Lerkendal.

Because there has never been a serious debate about anything going wrong with the new, all-around attacking football that for decades has been Lerkendale’s exemplar. In other words, a memory of all the great things Nils Arne Eggen achieved with RBK’s first big stars in the ’90s.

Everything made Kjetil Rekdal completely irrelevant as a coach at Lerkendal until now suddenly he’s what RBK management wants.

Meanwhile, the Lerkendal panic reveals that the club is moving away from Bodø/Glimt, Molde and possibly also the Vikings in great progress.

the This is why the RBK community split up before the Kjetil Rekdal is presented in Lerkendal tomorrow:

The challenge is that he doesn’t have the biggest name and his supporters are divided. Perhaps there is no superiority one way or the otherAnd Reports Ivar Mini Jacobsen to the local papers NidarosCritics understand:

I understand those who don’t want him, given all his statements about Rosenborg and that he grew up in a place where there is a knot against the success of RBK.

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As a standout player, Mini grew up in Lerkendal. His success is a direct product of Eggen’s agreed-upon offensive game. Now Minnie hopes and believes that his old friend from the national team has become a more listening coach.

Because it’s enthusiastic Trondelag that their former opponent must be persuaded by what’s going on on the Lerkendale mat.

Give There are all reasons to be identified:

  • Kjetil Rekdal is a good football coach who is able to do well with different training combinations.

He also has a straightforward style that makes him likeable by many, and easy to talk to for all of us. This is a useful feature when you’re leading a cultural institution as wide as the regional football greats.

Rekdal’s time as Vålerenga coach in Oslo is a case in point. Life and joy prevailed around the man until the results disappeared after the 2005 league gold and he could no longer bear it.”To travel and resent»

Success comes and goes for any football coach. The point in this context is only that Rosenberg Not It is a football club.

at most to They are now offering Kjetil Rekdal a coaching job in Lerkendal.

to Rekdal comes up with a completely opposite approach to the sport from a local dream picture of how RBK plays football:

It is like hiring a good Argentine tango, with an assistant from Brekken, to teach the people of Røros to dance Rørospols. If Brekken’s assistant had to decide most things, that might be fine. Maybe he will. But why, then, the involvement of the Argentine?, asks sports commentator Otto Olseth at local

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Few know Trondelag football and RBK decision-makers better than him, but the utter amazement of the coach’s choice characterizes most people who spend large parts of their daily lives in Trondelag football grounds.

Until just a few days ago, it was Keitel Rykdal Completely outdated Who trains here, and not without reason. Because this is not the same Rekdal even by looking at football history often Criticize Rosenborg and what does the club stand for?

JODA; But this is exactly what RBK supporters should be looking at. Football coaches and television commentators play various roles through a long career in and around the sport. The challenge is here Not What Ryckdal said, but what he wants is clear Act As a new coach:

  • Meaning, pull the maximum score out of every match completely no matter what football tactics he has to use.

Kjetil Rekdal is not a coach for the long rows, the daily struggle on the training ground. This means that with his vast experience, direct style and ironic approach, he can do well in some matches and throughout the seasons.

men after Not season after season as required to develop Rosenborg into a new success in Europe.

And therefore Oddly enough, many of the highly experienced sportsmen on the RBK board are unaware that the dream of restoring Eigen’s offensive football is much more than naive memories.

Behind this dream hides your basic understanding Must Have comprehensive offensive thinking to achieve sustainable results:

  • It was Nils Arne Eigen’s long-running offensive game style that gave consistent success in the ’90s.
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The adversities of recent years may have been so severe that the people of Trondelag now accept that he continues to win no matter the style, but over time, there is a little extra in Rekdal’s cynical approach to the sport that will draw a retreating crowd to Lerkendal.

The positively infectious RBK football is played in an improved version 700 kilometers north at Aspmyra in Bodø.

Also For Norwegian football, RBK’s satirical football is a bit sad. Through decades of success, Rosenborg has become the club with the most resources by far. Trondelagh’s playing style and attacking thinking have had an impact on football across the country.

When RBK now moves to another, simpler plan, the rest of football also loses the chance to develop the biggest club.

But it is unfortunate that Rosenborg with the Klopp has lost something of himself. The glorious idea that no one attacks so bravely and intelligently as the people of Trondelag.

leave it it often after The egg became with the tank. There were cynical coaches on the RBK bench before management brought in Kjetil Rekdal. the one; ge Hareide, until I re. Of course because even after this year’s disappointing season, he is a very good football coach.

But none of them were particularly Trøndelag.

And now in this ordeal, it would have been good if the Trondelag footballers had dared to be themselves.

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