Rowland, Farm | Neset Gard is for sale

Rowland, Farm |  Neset Gard is for sale

Neset Gard is for sale, real estate agent Håvard Nilsen writes in a press release.

The farm has 15 cultural-historical buildings, dating back to the 18th century and the 16th-17th centuries. Additionally, it has both a tennis court and a swimming pool.

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Covering an area of ​​589,023 square meters, the land stretches from 680 meters above sea level at the courtyard in Dotaquanet to 1,100 meters above sea level at the base of Hartangervita.

– Just like in a fairy tale book

– When you enter the courtyard at the Knesset, it looks like something out of a fairy tale book or a painting by Tietmund and Kude. We brokers are used to seeing many different things, but entering the yard can't be described as anything other than a lightning strike. I have never experienced anything like this, says estate agent Håvard Nilsen at EIE Eiendomsmegling Asker.

In 1995, the Knesset was purchased by Liv Bente Twenge's then-husband, and was used as a holiday home until 2001. In 2009, Twenge and their joint children bought the Knesset set as a result of the divorce.

NOK 20 million

To this day, he restores and maintains the farm, organizes various events, as well as uses the place as a private residence.

Now the Knesset card sells for NOK 20 million.

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– There is a lot of history within the Knesset walls, and the farm is one of the few, otherwise well-preserved, and remaining examples of it being able to be privately owned. Nilsson says that Liv Bente has put her soul into preserving this place as a Norwegian cultural treasure and through her hospitality has opened her home for people to experience the best of Norway's national romantic cultural history.

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– Nilsen says we hope to find a buyer willing to write the next chapter in the adventure books about the Knesset.

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