Royal House expert wants to strip Märtha Louise of her princess title

Royal House expert wants to strip Märtha Louise of her princess title

Historian and royal family expert Trond Noren Isaksen believes it's time for Martha Louise to be stripped of her princess title. He believes he is undermining the credibility of the royal family.

In a newspaper Pinposton He pointed out that the princess had repeatedly broken an agreement with the royal family not to use the title of princess and her connection to the royal family in business contexts.

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“When the agreement was not honored, it was time to attack Martha Louise's princess title before King Harald's career was further damaged,” Isaksen writes.

He points out that using the princess's title to promote the much-talked-about gin is the seventh breach of an agreement the monarch made with Princess Martha Louise and Durek Verret two years ago.

Isaacsen believes that all the controversy surrounding Martha Louise and Durek Verret is causing a decline in support for the royal family, and points out that all respondents to a 2022 NRK poll said this was the main reason. There was great suspicion of the monarchy.

Isaksen points out that support for the monarchy was 81 percent in 2017, 78 percent in 2022, and has dropped to 73 percent this year.

“For good reasons, most Norwegians are happy with King Harald, and many are angry that the daughter and future son-in-law are publicly humiliating the king by showing his disrespect for his authority,” Isaksen writes.

After a constitutional amendment in 1990, it was entirely the king's responsibility to issue “conditions on titles to those entitled to inherit the crown”. It also gives him the ability to lose titles.

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