Røyken, News | Several cars were found with wrong number plates: – There will be a lot to sort through

Røyken, News |  Several cars were found with wrong number plates: – There will be a lot to sort through

smoke: A somewhat special situation arose for several people who parked at Røyken Station.

On Friday evening, police reported that they had received several reports of cars with incorrect license plates at Røyken train station.

– We ask those who have parked there in the past two weeks to check that they have the correct number plate on their car front and back, Oslo police wrote on Twitter.

According to Operations Director Erik Sandnes at Oslo Police, there have been reports of changing license plates since mid-March.

– We may not have seen the relationship between the queries fully yet, says Ldramin Tidende.

– There’s a lot to sort out

So far, he says, no license plates have been stolen. Thus, the person who committed the crime simply changed the number plates of the cars.

– These are bad pranks with serious consequences. There are already car owners who are starting to get parking fines and toll bills for cars with their plates. Then there will be a lot to sort through, says the COO.

More reviews

Now the police are asking everyone who has been in the car park since mid-March to check the license plates on the front and back of the car. If they discover they have incorrect license plates on the vehicle, they should contact the police.

– We already have many revisions, says Sandnes.

After the link between the two letters became clear to the police, a case under investigation was opened. However, this does not happen until after Easter.

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We haven’t been to the site yet. Now we go out first so people can move in and check their cars. Then we can take the rest later, he says.

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