Ruins were found on zostetalspreen

Ruins were found on zostetalspreen

On the afternoon of June 5, 1972, a Piper Cherokee single-engine aircraft belonging to the Forte Flyclub went missing.

The ship was on its way from Sokandal to the airport Arsta / Volta. When he last made a sound, at 13:08, he was above Fijardlandsford – near the Jostetolspreen glacier.

Four days later, the plane was found in a broken position with priaprine, one of the hands of jostetalsprine. The pilot was found dead – trapped in the air force.

The next day, the deceased was taken down from the glacier. The weather was too bad to carry the rubble. So before it was covered in ice and disappeared into the glacier – it lay there until now.

50 ruins were found

In a press release, he writes that the first three ruins of the Norwegian Premium Museum were discovered on Wednesday, September 29 by German traveler Heinz Pleipo. He donated the ruins to a museum located in Fjarland.

Two days later, he was again at the foot of the Paya glacier, where he found 15 new aircraft parts.

On Monday of last week, Museum Director Anne Mundel Schgeldon and Material Director Paul Hague Keeland were at the venue with Blipham. Then they found 32 more wrecks.

Atle Nesze, chairman of the Norwegian Presbyterian team, is delighted to have finally found the plane.

“People in Ferland were hopeful that the remnants would one day arrive,” says Nesje N.R.K.Who first mentioned the invention.

– Like a frozen river

Several kilometers from the crash site to the ground. According to the Norwegian Glacier Museum, the wreckage was carried about 4.8 kilometers to the glacier.

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Paul Hage Keeland, Course Director, explains to the state channel:

– A glacier is like a big, frozen river. We estimate that the plane must have flown 90 to 100 meters each year.

He hopes the discovery will contribute to new knowledge about glaciers and how they move.

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