Rumor: – Blizzard has canceled World of Warcraft MMO for mobile…

Rumor: - Blizzard has canceled World of Warcraft MMO for mobile...

Activision Blizzard and publisher NetEase have reportedly halted work on World of Warcraft’s online role-playing game for mobile. claim Bloomberg in a new report.

According to the site, the game, codenamed Neptune, was not a direct port of World of Warcraft. Instead, it was a sideshow in the same universe, only in a different era.

The project should have been in development for nearly three years. However, disagreements between Blizzard and Chinese NetEase led to the whole thing being called off, sources familiar with the situation say.

In NetEase, a team of more than 100 employees, who were responsible for creating content for the mobile game, will now be disbanded. What this might mean for the company’s extensive collaboration with Activision Blizzard remains to be seen.

NetEase has been the publisher of Blizzard games, such as World of Warcraft, in China for many years. The company also helped create the controversial Diablo Immortal, out of spite a lot of criticism become one Huge source of income for both parties.

Neither Activision Blizzard nor NetEase has commented on the matter.

The next expansion for World of Warcraft is coming later this year.
Dragonflight introduces, among other things, a new race and class ยป

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