January 27, 2023


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Rumors: - Coming with two new ones on Christmas Eve

Rumors: – Coming with two new ones on Christmas Eve

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(Elbil24): Nio is among the Chinese manufacturers that have made a name for themselves in this country. Especially because it is possible to buy cars without a battery and instead enter into a lease agreement where you share the battery for a monthly fee.

This means that you are free to set the battery capacity you want to subscribe to as Nio releases new batteries. At the moment, capacities of 75 and 100 kWh are offered, but the company does not hide the fact that a 150 kWh battery will arrive soon.

The subscription also allows you to replace a fully charged battery twice a month at one of Nio’s battery replacement stations at no additional cost. There are currently three of them in Norway.

to me: In the video above, you can see how robots change the battery on Nio ES8 in just a few minutes. Video: Nine
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Nio battery replacement is an open standard, and other manufacturers are also allowed to use it, although they still seem to be alone in this particular matter.

Recently, their latest model, the ET7, was one of three Chinese sedans we took on a really rough road trip. You can read how it went here:

As of today, there are about 1,000 Nio examples on Norwegian roads. According to elbilstatistikk.no, exactly 57 of them are ET7 (on sale recently), while the lion’s share of them are relatively large SUVs ES8. According to Nio, 97 percent of Norwegian buyers have chosen to enter into a battery lease agreement.

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Nine days December 24th

The Chinese manufacturer is already ready with two new models that will appear in the new year: ET5 and EL7. You can read about it by clicking on the link I just passed.

Now, however, the company is inviting you to this year’s “Nio Day” in China – on Christmas Eve itself. CEO William Lee could reveal that as many as five new models will appear in 2023, and two of them will be revealed at the event.

According to the Danish mobile site One of the models is rumored to be a station wagon, which were allegedly spy photos. Sugar Design used these spy shots to create a sketch of the car:

Diagram of a potential station wagon from Neo.  Photo: Sugar Design

Diagram of a potential station wagon from Neo. Photo: Sugar Design
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The selection of electric station wagons is very thin at the moment, and it has been a long time since SUV models have become more attractive to market in this country, but we are quite sure that there are many who prefer this format as well. Recently it also became clear that opel astra It will be reborn as an electric car next year.

According to the same source, the second model that Nio will unveil will be an upgraded version of the SUV ES8. In any case, it won’t be long until we get an answer if the rumors are true.