Runar Søgaard has been moved to a new prison – and has been threatened by other inmates – VG

Runar Søgaard has been moved to a new prison – and has been threatened by other inmates – VG
Go elsewhere: Runar Søgaard, formerly a preacher, and more recently a lecturer on Leadership, Motivation, and Communication.

Five months into his sentence, the Norwegian had to change prison for a second time, following threats from his fellow prisoner. It was moved immediately.


It appears from a decision of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Swedish Punitive Care, to which VG was granted access.

In January, it drew attention to the fact that Runar Søgaard (54) after nearly two months in prison He received five warnings From its first foundation, it was transferred.

Sogard stayed in 2021 He was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison To commit tax evasion and bookkeeping crimes.

He began serving his sentence at Svarcho just outside Stockholm, an institution with the lowest of the three security levels that Swedish prisons operate, and with no “escape barriers”.

However, his transfer to Täby, which is also located in the Stockholm region, meant that he received stricter prison conditions. This prison has level 2.

More stringent security level

But Sogard’s life in Tapie did not last more than three months. Then the prison initiated a request to transfer him.

The April 13 ruling stated that “due to threats from fellow prisoners, he is no longer seen as capable of placing him in prison.”

“Ronard Sogaard has no objections in the case,” he continues.

Thus, Søgaard is now zoning the Österåker Foundation, which is located 30 km north of Stockholm and has a somewhat stricter safety level than Täby. They are both at level 2, but there are certain differences within this category.

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CELEBRITY COUPLE: Runar Søgaard became known in both his homeland and Sweden when he joined artist Carola Häggkvist. They were married from 1990 to 2000, pictured here in 1991, right after she won the Eurovision Song Contest.

The decision confirms that Osteraker has the degree of oversight and control necessary to maintain safety.

Prison tells VG that the transfer has nothing to do with Søgaard’s own behaviour.

According to the prison, he has no problems with threats from other colleagues in his new establishment.

Calls to the spine

However, that doesn’t mean it’s all joy and gloom in Österåker for Søgaard.

As VG wrote earlier this week, there was recently received a warning For trying to influence staff and decision-makers to prioritize his needs – something Sogaard himself denies, according to the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s decision on the warning.

It refers to Sogaard’s questioning from May 31, in which he criticizes client managers. This is referred to as “total tonal deafness.”

– In Tapie they were humans, but this antenna is not on this human being, says Sogaard there.

– If only there was a minimal backbone or honor…

Celebrity friend: Ronar Sogaard and artist Dr. Alban pictured in 2004.

In accordance with the decision, Søgaard later somewhat retracted these statements, but at the same time emphasized that he had experience with client managers not understanding him.

Moreover, according to the decision, Osteraker was criticized for the slow response to the requests. In this area he praises his former place in penance.

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– At Tabi, there was great communication. They will make it easier for customers, help and provide assistance to be able to move forward.

break the connection

Søgaard of Österåker’s concern is the lack of opportunity to contact the people he works with.

In recent years, Natalie Bergstrom has been a press contact for Søgaard. She says she did not know Sogard had moved to Osteracer until recently.

He’s not allowed to call, he’s not allowed to call me now, says Bergstrom.

– When he moved to Tabi, he lost contact with us. There is no contact between us now.

VG asked Søgaard’s attorney for comment on this case.

Søgaard’s transfer decision reviews a number of points in Swedish prison law that form the basis of the decision.

It is emphasized that prisoners should not be subjected to more intrusive surveillance and control than is necessary for security.

The inmate’s need for work, nursing, and release planning must also be taken into consideration.

It was also emphasized that one should try to avoid an unfortunate mix of prisoners.

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