June 8, 2023


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Runar Søgaard received a new warning in a new prison - VG

Runar Søgaard received a new warning in a new prison – VG

Problems: Renard Sogaard’s prison stay is constantly receiving new attention.

After being transferred to a new, stricter prison, the 54-year-old received a new warning from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. A lie, according to Sogaard’s description of what he is accused of.


Writes Aftonbladet.

The newspaper refers to a written decision of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, which is called the Swedish Prison and Probation Service.

The decision states that Sogaard received a warning for trying to influence employees and decision makers to prioritize their issues behind walls.

According to the decision, Sogard denies that he tried to illegally influence them, and believes it is all about a misunderstanding.

– I was not unpleasant to anyone in this establishment. This is a lie. That’s a frightening read, citing Sogaard from an interrogation dated May 31.

VG tried to get comment from his manager and his lawyer.

“belonging to the upper class”

In January, it became known that Sogard was going Go to a maximum security prison, less than two months after the start of his prison sentence of one year and eight months for tax evasion and bookkeeping violations. Then he received five warnings.

The Prison and Probation Service reports that a relative must have called and threatened to contact the media if Sogard’s cases were not dealt with immediately. This is what Sogard objected to, according to the decision.

When questioned, Sogaard is said to have stated that he “belongs to the upper class when it comes to communication and rhetoric” and noted that he had a diploma in it.

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He must have been informed that the institution does not treat anyone differently. However, the pressure had to continue.

– complete deficiency

The decision further states that Sogaard believes that the new prison conditions make it difficult for him to maintain contact with his relatives.

– Since I came here, there has been a complete lack of ability to keep contacts that I need to call externally, it has been said.

He reportedly made it clear that he tried to be informative and only kindly indicated that the phone call he wanted to make was important, with so many people involved.

However, he has now received a warning for trying to influence prison decision makers in their professional practice.

According to the decision, Sogaard was informed that what emerged in the investigation may subsequently affect the assessment of any parole.