Rune Temte will play ‘Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow – VG

Rune Temte will play 'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow - VG
Hollywood Kerr: Former level 2 and 3 footballer in Norway in the 1980s (Faberge, Frigg Stromsgodset), Ron Timte, is currently making a bigger career in Hollywood. Now he’s ready for another big project, “Time Bandits,” for the Apple TV.

Norwegian actor Ron Timte, 56, is steadily increasing in value in Hollywood. He now appears in “Time Bandits” on Apple TV alongside, among others, “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow (59).


Many American media, including Limitwriting about the new series based on former Monty Python member Terry Gilliam’s 1981 film of the same name.

Rune Temte himself confirms the news to VG.

– Yes, this is good news. Officially now, though, I’ve been working on the project for a while, says Temte.

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Ron Timte, 53, has given up his salary and job – and now he’s playing in one of Hollywood’s blockbuster films.

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For contractual reasons, he can’t say much about the series itself, his role, or what it was like to work with Lisa Kudrow.

“But overall, it is of course wonderful, fun, and challenging, as always, to work with talented people at this level,” he says.

Rune Temte’s previous major project was “A Boy Called Christmas” on Netflix last year, where he played opposite Kirsten Wiig, Maggie Smith and Jimmy Broadbent, among others.

Star: Lisa Kudrow on the red carpet in March of this year for the Disney movie “Better Nate Than Ever” premiere.

Temte can already boast the role of Bron-Char in “Captain Marvel” and roles in Eddie The Eagle and “The Last Kingdom” on the BBC.

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After Christmas, he becomes central to Nils Job’s “Soulis,” which is about the Sollitjelma mining uprising in 1907 and the beginning of the Norwegian labor movement.

It is New Zealander Taiki Waititi who wrote the script, is a producer and will direct at least two episodes of “Time Bandits”, which are currently ten episodes. According to Deadline, the Waititi project has been under study by Apple TV since 2019, but has only received the green light now.

Watch TEMPE in the Norwegian criminal comedy “VILLMENN” here!

– Taika Waititi is so cool, he and his team are in the wind more than ever, so we’re clasping our arms and legs so much that the comedy “Time Bandits” will please many. We’re shooting in New Zealand, in Taika’s hometown, so it’s “down there.” Timati says it is approaching summer here, all hearts are rejoicing, he adds that he has a lot going on.

According to the press release cited by Deadline among other things, it appears that Rune Temte’s character is called Bittelig.

“Time Bandits” is about a young boy who accidentally ends up with a gang of thieves traveling through time and space to steal treasures.

Besides Lisa Kudrow as Penelope, we also meet Kal-El Tuck, Charlyne Yi, Tadhg Murphy, Roger Jean Nsengiyumva, Kiera Thompson, and Rachel House among others.

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