“Running Love”: – fell in love with another

“Running Love”: – fell in love with another

In the Danish reality show Wild Love, we follow a group of singles looking for love.

Post a rare photo

Post a rare photo

However, the program differs from other dating programs in that it all takes place in the Swedish forests – where both will find themselves, but also a potential life partner.

Perhaps this is what Pernell, also 25, was looking for when she took part in the first season of the dating show.

Butterflies in the stomach

to the Danish site doctor The 25-year-old says her motivation for signing up for the series was that she already thought dating was a rather superficial affair. So she wanted to find someone who would be able to acknowledge her for who she is, not what she looks like.

Before the program, I often felt unappreciated for what I was inside. I couldn’t take it anymore.

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On the programme, viewers witness her mating with 23-year-old Stig from Aarhus, and that the couple will now spend the next 10 days together, living off what they find in nature.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take many days before the couple came to the decision that the two were better suited as friends than lovers.

However, they remained together in the Swedish nature, while Pernell’s feelings for another participant – Andreas – grew stronger.

- incredibly annoying

– incredibly annoying

She told DR that she and Andreas actually started the journey as friends, since they were, after all, paired up with someone else on opposite sides.

– But we talked a lot together, and I think we found a kind of safety and belonging in each other. Eventually, I also started getting butterflies in my stomach – which luckily turned out to be mutual, and we decided to give it all a go when we got back home to Denmark.

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Back home in Denmark, it turned out that there was a complete falling out between the two parties, and Pernell adds that the magic formula was that they began the relationship as friends – before it eventually evolved into something more.

She also points out that there was no romantic or physical attraction between the two parties at the start of the dating program, and that this was something that came with time.

Furthermore, she adds that she doesn’t think the turtle doves would have found each other if they had been paired from the start, and justifies this by saying that they might have been more critical of each other.

– It was totally improbable, but now it’s great – although perhaps a little surprising to most people, the 25-year-old told the Danish site.

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