Running out of power on an electric car:

Running out of power on an electric car:

It’s not just that the electric car runs out of power completely. Among other things, this became a topic when more than two thousand cars were left standing E18 after several truck stops in December.

Common practice is that powerless electric cars are picked up with a tow truck and taken to the nearest charging station, but other solutions are being worked on.

that it Teknisk Ukeblad which is now discussing NAF testing of new solutions for stranded electric vehicles. Including a service car with a battery bank, it can go out and save electricity on site, so that the car can drive itself to the nearest charging station.

Nils Soudal, NAF’s senior communications advisor, says they’ve been trying this car for a few years in the Oslo area.

small capacity

– We made many valuable experiences, and it works. However, there are a number of logistical challenges associated with this.

The battery bank can provide power for two or three electric cars, after which they must be charged, which takes time.

This often makes it easier to transport it to the nearest fast-charging station on a flatbed truck.

A used battery bank isn’t cheap either. Sødal says the price is over 100,000 kroner.

Sødal also adds that it takes a while to get enough power on the battery when it’s completely discharged.

– But we are following along and we want more of that as technology advances. He confirms that it is a matter of high capacity and low price.

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– For now, it’s easier with a jar of gasoline and diesel, he says with a smile. (The canister is German-developed gasoline, which derives from the English nickname Jerry/German, according to Wikipedia.)

They also keep track of developments in heavy vehicles and envision replacing trucks and vans when the time comes.

– Here we imagine hydrogen in the long run.

It goes very slowly

However, NAF is not alone in testing new electric vehicle rescue solutions.

Viking Redningstjeneste’s director of sales and marketing Sjur Jensen Bay says in an email that they have tested and operated a mobile charging station electric service vehicle in various variants since 2015.

This is what the first Vikings truck looked like.  It was commissioned in 2015. Photo: Viking Rescue Service

This is what the first Vikings truck looked like. It was commissioned in 2015. Photo: Viking Rescue Service
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– However, our experience is that even fast mobile solutions in practice are very slow and still largely mean that the unfortunate motorist has to have another charging station. We think this is unfavorable. Even with a standard charging speed, the waiting time on the shoulder, comfort zone, or the like can be experienced much longer than a regular charging station, which usually has a better service offering nearby.

– As the charging speed increases, this problem increases. Additionally, in recent years, there have been relatively few instances of electric vehicles without power along the road. A few portable charging stations also don’t have much value as they are often located in terms of size where availability of fast chargers is really good and the need to at least share, he wrote in the email.

Bay also stresses that Viking is tech-savvy, and they’re following the market closely to deliver that largely when the combination of size, weight, and shipping speed is where they think it’s necessary.

This also enables installation in the latest generation of Viking all-electric service vehicles that are already in operation, which solves a greater percentage of the challenges that may arise along the way. In this way, we can help as many people as possible, in the best possible way, continues Bey.

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