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Angrep Kherson

Kherson was the only regional capital that Russia managed to capture during the spring offensive of 2022.

Deputy Head of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Administration, Kyrillo Tymoshenko, is who cable A picture from this morning’s attack on a large administrative building in the heart of the city.

– At about 11:00, the racists (the name of the Russian troops, ed.’s note) fired rockets at the center of Kherson, he writes.

Remnants of what may have been one of the missiles Russia fired at the administration building in Kherson today.

Photo: Kirilo Tymoshenko’s Telegram channel

These missiles fell on the provincial administration building in Kherson and damaged two floors of the building, according to Tymoshenko.

Extensive damage to the building

He also posted several photos showing severe damage to the large building, which was built in the classical style since Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

Inside the destroyed administrative building

Widespread destruction inside the administrative building in Kherson.

Photo: Kirilo Tymoshenko’s Telegram channel

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General stated that at least six people were injured in today’s attack in Kherson.

A Russian blogger also posted one video Which will show the attack on the administration building in Kherson.

Kherson was recaptured in November

Russian forces attacked Kherson daily after Ukrainian forces retook the city on 11 November.

The Ukrainian President visited Kherson on November 14. On the same day, NRK was also in town.

The recapture of Kherson is seen as one of the biggest victories of the more than nine-month war in Ukraine.

Updated map of Ukraine 13.12.2020

Critical War Threats Project Institute and AEI/NRK (Updated December 13, 2022)

Critical War Threats Project Institute and AEI/NRK (Updated December 13, 2022)

Major drone attack on Kyiv

At the same time, Ukrainian authorities said they had shot down all the drones that Russia had sent toward Kyiv on Wednesday.

– 13 drones were shot down, says Serhiy Popko, head of the military department in the capital.

No deaths were reported in Kyiv after today’s drone attack either.

Russia has received a large number of drones from Iran, but the Ukrainian defense has gradually learned how to counter this new threat.

The NRK team was in Ukraine on Wednesday morning in the area where one of the Russian drones went down.

They could see damage to homes and many shattered windows.

– I was asleep when the window was broken, says a man whom NRK met in the area.

– Fortunately, the curtains were drawn so that no one was hurt by the glass, he says.

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