June 10, 2023


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Russia bans drones, jet skis, and car-sharing services on Victory Day

An officer adjusts the cap of a guard of honor at the wreath-laying ceremony in memory of the victims of the Siege of Leningrad.

Ahead of victory celebrations in World War II on Tuesday, Russia banned drones, jet skis and car-sharing services in some cities for safety reasons.


At least 21 cities have canceled for the first time in years the annual parade to commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945, according to Russian media reports.

Elsewhere, additional security measures have been taken with reference to unspecified “security concerns” or to the “status quo”.

It is not clear whether the various measures and restrictions are being coordinated with the country’s central authorities.

Drones were banned during the parade in both the capital, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The ban comes shortly after what Russia claimed was an attempt to attack the Kremlin with a drone.

In St. Petersburg, there is also a ban on driving jet skis in parts of the city’s canal network. The ban lasts until Wednesday.

Moscow has restricted car-sharing services, and drivers are not allowed to start or end trips in the city center while the festivities are being prepared and carried out.

Initially, only one foreign head of state, the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sadir Japarov, was expected to take part in this year’s parade in Moscow.

But officials announced on Monday that President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and President Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan will also attend. So did the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pasinyan, and the leader of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokachev.

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On Monday evening, it was also known that the President of Belarus and closest ally of Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko, was in the Russian capital.