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Russisk TOS-1 under øvelse i Orenburg, Russland, 16. desember 2021

Russia claims to have used weapons in violation of the Geneva Convention

The Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, said that on Monday, the Russian forces used the so-called vacuum bomb in the framework of the invasion of Ukraine.

“They used a vacuum bomb today, which is already prohibited by the Geneva Conventions,” Markarova was quoted as saying after briefing members of the US Congress.

“Russia is trying to wreak havoc on Ukraine,” Markarova added.

The Ukrainian ambassador did not provide further details about where the weapon was used. It says Ukraine has worked actively with the administration of US President Joe Biden and Congress to try to impose more sanctions and ship more weapons.

They must pay, and they must pay a heavy price for what they have done, says the ambassador after the meeting.

The Geneva Conventions are an important part of international humanitarian law, and are intended to alleviate suffering in war.

Vacuum bombs, or thermonuclear bombs, are an explosive charge in which fuel is dispersed as small particles in the air. The fuel then ignites and reacts with the oxygen in the air. There is the opposite in Palle Ydstebø at the Military School VG Compare the effect with napalm.

CNN correspondent Frederic Bletgen Post a video this weekend What is considered a Russian TOS-1 tank south of Belgorod. TOS-1 is equipped with powerful flamethrowers and thermobaric grenades.

In December, the Russian Ministry of Defense deployed TOS-1 tanks firing thermal missiles during an exercise in Orenburg, southeast Russia (pictured).

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Congressman Brad Sherman, who attended the meeting with the Ukrainian ambassador, told Reuters that Ukraine had called on the United States to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Sherman, a Democrat, says he thinks it’s very dangerous, because it could provoke more backlash from Russia.

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