Russia claims to have stopped major Ukrainian offensive – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Russia claims to have stopped major Ukrainian offensive – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

The statement, discussed by Reuters, said Ukraine launched its offensive on Sunday with six mechanized infantry battalions and two tank battalions.

– The enemy’s goal was to penetrate our defense lines in what they believe to be the weakest sectors of the front.

The enemy did not achieve its objectives. They didn’t succeed.

The ruling authorities further claimed that 250 Ukrainian servicemen had been killed, and that 16 tanks, 21 armored vehicles and several armored personnel carriers had been destroyed.

The ministry also released a video of what it claimed were several Ukrainian armored vehicles on a plain, exploding during an attack.

A Ukrainian soldier walks in a trench near the front-line town of Pakhmut, in Donetsk region, Ukraine on May 30, 2023.

Photo: Reuters

There has been no comment on the allegation from Kiev, and the information has not been independently verified.

Russian state media reported that Russian Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov was present at a checkpoint when the Ukrainian attack took place on Sunday.

They did not tell how he was doing during the attack.

The counterattack is pending

The Ukrainian authorities have said several times that a long-awaited counterattack is on the way.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, President Volodymyr Zelensky said he believes Ukraine is militarily capable of breaking Russia’s line of defence.

– In my opinion, from today we are ready to do this, he told the newspaper.

The time and place for such a military operation is, of course, kept secret. How long it can last is unknown – including for the president.

Aftermath of the bombing in Horlivka

A woman stands in her house in the village of Horlivka, which is still controlled by the Russians. The building has been damaged in recent days’ fighting.

Photo: Alexander Ermoshenko/Reuters

– Honestly, this can happen in many ways, but we will go on the offensive, and we are ready.

Ukraine’s deputy defense minister also points to a video posted on social media, in which the message says there will not be enough announcement of the start.

Maybe it’s about the attack, write in the electronic newspaper Kyiv Independent.

Russian soldiers captured in Belgorod

Forces critical of the authorities in Moscow said Sunday evening that they had captured several Russian soldiers in the Belgorod region.

This one is located within Russia, but it is located on the border of Ukraine, and has been attacked several times in recent weeks.

The claim about Russian prisoners came from those who call themselves the Russian Freedom Corps (FRL), who claim the statement came in consultation with the Russian Volunteer Legion (RDK).

Russian missiles fired at Ukraine from Russia's Belgorod region, as seen from Kharkiv, Ukraine, late Sunday, June 4, 2023.

Russian missiles fired at Ukraine from Russia’s Belgorod region, as seen from Kharkiv, Ukraine, late Sunday, June 4, 2023.

Photo: AP

Both paramilitary groups want to end President Vladimir Putin’s power, and stand up against Russia’s war of invasion in Ukraine.

The commander-in-chief in Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, claims that he agreed to meet those who captured the soldiers, as long as they were still alive.

But the two groups say that such a meeting has not yet taken place. According to the BBC.

The Ukrainian authorities denied any direct involvement in the fighting inside Russia.

They still say that the two paramilitary groups are made up of Russian citizens who want to create a “safe zone” for Ukrainians inside Russia.


Many residents living near the Ukrainian border in Belgorod have been evacuated from their homes. Some humanitarian donations are collected here in the village of Sjebekino.


New drone crash reports in Russia

A power station in Russia’s Belgorod region was also said to have been attacked by a drone early Monday, according to the region’s governor.

Two more drones are said to have crashed over a highway in Russia’s Kaluga region, says local governor Vladislav Sgapsa on messaging app Telegram.

– There was no bombing. He further wrote that the area had been cordoned off.

This information has not been confirmed by independent sources.

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