– Russia must have found the clue – VG

- Russia must have found the clue - VG
Baptized and honored: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Camila Valeeva during the ceremony honoring Russian Olympic medalists at the end of April.

The doping case for Camila Valjeeva (16 years old) has not yet been decided. The head of US anti-doping thinks that could mean the Russians have found evidence against their figure skating star.


Provided that it appears that the investigation conducted by RUSADA (the Russian anti-doping agency) has concluded and the case is now referred to the legal body, they must have found relevant evidence of a violation. If not, the case will be closed and WADA notified of their opportunity to appeal, Travis Tiggart tells USA Today on Thursday.

The World Anti-Doping Agency is the World Anti-Doping Agency. Tygart was the president of USADA, the US Anti-Doping Agency, for many years. He is known for his aggressive fight against doping in sports.

Camila Valjeeva (April 16) aged 15 led Russia (“Republic of China” as a result of Russia’s doping history) to an Olympic gold medal in the team skating competition in Beijing in February. The medal ceremony has been postponed After rumors spread about a doping case linked to Russia.

Brave Joy: The Russian figure skating team – with Camila Valeeva – after winning in Beijing. Please note before the medal ceremony, which is still postponed.

Within a short time, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed that they were correct.

A few months earlier, on December 25, 2021, Valijeva had obtained a positive doping test. The medal has not yet been delivered, as the case is still ongoing. Now a hearing is awaiting in Russia, after Rasada has been investigating the matter for a long time. According to USA Today, it is now feared that it will never find its solution, nor will it ever end.

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– We risk that it will not be resolved before 2024 (the Summer Olympics in Paris). It can take a long time. Paul Greene stated in May that they are terrible.

He was a legal advisor to the United States figure skating team when he tried to hold a medal ceremony before the Olympic closing ceremony in February.

dashing: Camila Valjeeva fell multiple times during the decisive singles swim at the Beijing Olympics in February. Gold favorite finished in fourth place.

It’s still awful. Rasada announced that there will be a hearing. . what we know I do not have detailed knowledge. There may be hearings and then of course there may be appeals, and I fear that will continue for a while, says US Paralympic Committee chair Sarah Hirschland now.

In an email to USA Today, RUSADA’s public information officer, Galina Kovrova, wrote that the hearings will take place in late September or early October, seven to eight months after the issue surfaced outside Russia’s deeper figure skating and anti-doping circles.

Justice delayed so long after the Winter Games has deprived other athletes of their medal rights and expertise, and it doesn’t look like there will be a solution soon, says Travis Tiggart of the US Anti-Doping Agency.

The USA took second place in the team competition, but the silver medals – and golds if Russia were excluded – were evident by their absence.

Japan came in third and could be awarded with silver medals, while Canada could move from its original fourth place to claim the Olympic bronze.

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Camila Valjeva was the favorite to win the gold medal in the women’s singles competition in Beijing. You failed miserably in the decisive freestyle wrestling and ended up Fourth place, obviously nervous It was marked by the controversy linked to the doping issue.

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