Russia, NATO | A new radar facility is under construction at Vardo. The North is becoming one of NATO's eyes.

Russia, NATO |  A new radar facility is under construction at Vardo.  The North is becoming one of NATO's eyes.

– The radar facility in Vardø will be the centerpiece of Norway's new radar chain. Defense construction is building a total of eleven new radar systems across the country. The new radar systems will help strengthen Norway's defense capabilities and be NATO's eyes in the north.

Ylva Sneve, project manager of Forsvarsbygg, made this known in a press release.

The new radar facility will be approximately 60 kilometers as the crow flies from Russia when it is scheduled to be completed in 2027.

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Security arrangements

For safety reasons, as with all construction sites, there will be some traffic restrictions during construction. In addition to signs about construction traffic, there will be signs prohibiting drones in the area and prohibiting photography of the radar installation.

– You can still go for walks and use the area as usual, but the use of drones is not allowed. At the top, photography of the construction site will be banned — eventually a radar system, Snave says.

Vadsø-based Birger Mietinen AS was commissioned to carry out the road and site works. The value of the contract with Forsvarsbygg is NOK 10 million.

– Forsvarsbygg is keen to contribute to local and regional business and is pleased to have Birger Mietinen AS on board to build even more security capacity, says Sneve.

The contract for construction of the radar facility is due to close in the summer.

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Many new radar systems

Forsvarsbygg has been commissioned to develop and upgrade existing radar systems across the country, after the Storting decided to replace the current radar system with new technology to meet future challenges. The Department of Defense is responsible for acquiring the technology, and the Air Force uses the radar systems, the press release said.

A new radar facility is also being built at Himmeltind in the municipality of Västvågøy in Lofoten. This too is scheduled to be completed by 2027. Defense Construction calls the facility part of NATO's Eyes on the North.

– Himmeldint is a unique place. Building a radar facility on a mountain with no way up presents some challenges. This demands a lot from us and our suppliers. We are happy to add Repstad anlag AS and Mesta AS to the team, says Sneve.

The contracts have values ​​above NOK 15 million and NOK 5 million respectively. The total project cost of the building and construction site for the venue is estimated at several hundred million kroner.

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