Russia, Ukraine | Russian tanks have one serious design flaw: “rolling coffins”

Russia, Ukraine |  Russian tanks have one serious design flaw: "rolling coffins"

These clips from the air attract attention:

Russian forces faced another obstacle in Ukraine. Social and traditional media were filled with photos and videos showing Russian military vehicles stranded by its forces. More than 580 Russian tanks have been destroyed since the invasion began.

Now the explanation behind the weak compounds should be clear.

The turret of armored vehicles should be unusually fragile, since ammunition is stored in this place. Movies on social media show how it differs from the rest of the camper and flies several meters into the air when it is shot, hence being described as trolls in a box, CNN writes.

“It’s a design flaw we see in Russian tanks,” said Russian expert Sam Bendet. CNN.

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A successful hit will cause the ammunition to ignite quickly and lead to a large explosion. There are cases where one can see that the tower is literally exploding.

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problem for all vehicles

According to defense analyst Nicholas Dermon, the construction creates problems for many of the armored vehicles that Russia has. The T-80 and T-90 tanks, as well as the BMD-4 amphibious vehicle, describe the Drumon as “rolling coffins”.

If you don’t get out in a few seconds, you’re done, he says.

This is not the first time that the quality of Russian vehicles has been an issue.

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During the Kuwait war in the 1990s, Iraqi T-72 tanks purchased from Russia faced the same fate. He writes something that was repeated during the Iraq war in 2003 CNN.

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He did not learn his lesson

Says the former lieutenant colonel in the Swedish defense, J├╝rgen Elfving Aftonbladet The Russian forces have not yet learned the lesson about the weakness of the chariots.

– It’s been like this for a long time. Elfving claims that this is something that has attracted attention in almost all conflicts in which the Russians have been involved.

However, the former lieutenant did not believe that this would have any decisive effect on the Russian capability.

– The Russian tank crews apparently watched their tanks in the air and then thought about their safety. Whether it had any effect on the battlefield and morale, I can’t comment on.

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