Russia wants to expand its territory in the Baltic Sea

Russia wants to expand its territory in the Baltic Sea

The plan is to move the border towards Lithuania and Finland.

Russian newspaper He writes that they have the information from a document prepared by the Russian government.

Russia is said to have plans to declare parts of the maritime area east of the Gulf of Finland, as well as the seas near the Russian cities of Zelenogradsk and Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad region, as Russian waters, as they believe the maritime borders since 1985 are outdated.

Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen responded, saying Moscow must comply United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Regarding X, Valtonen wrote that the Foreign Ministry is working out the details.

– It is worth noting that confusion is also a form of hybrid effect. Finland is not at a loss, she writes.

Valtonen explains that UNCLOS contains provisions on the definition of maritime zones for coastal states, as well as on how to revise them.

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Finland clearly expects Russia, as a party to the agreement, to act accordingly.

swedish il He writes that Russia will draw the new borders near the Russian islands, which in Swedish are called Hogland, Soumaru, Lille Titarskär and Vejrund.

Finland must respond and show that this is unacceptable, believes Charlie Salonius Pasternak. He is a researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute in Helsinki.

– In this case, we definitely have to act quickly and strongly, he says to Svenske Yle.

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