October 4, 2022


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Russian Ambassador - Calling on the Carpet

Russian Ambassador – Calling on the Carpet

Russia’s ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin, must appear before the Danish Foreign Ministry on Monday after a military aircraft violated Danish airspace.

This was announced by Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod on Twitter.

– It is totally unacceptable and deeply disturbing in the situation we are in now, the minister wrote.

Sent fighter planes

On Saturday, the Danish army sent an F-16 after a Russian military plane violated the country’s airspace.

Danske Berlingske Tidende reported that the Russian military aircraft was an Antonov 30, a type of aircraft typically used for aerial surveillance.

Shoots: This video posted on social media shows the moment a Russian tank was bombed in Mariupol from above.
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The plane was also over Blekinge in Sweden, and therefore also got the Swedish Gas 39 Gripen on its neck, as the Swedish defense confirms, according to the same newspaper.

Not the first time

Also last year, Barbin had to explain herself to Minister Kofod after a Russian plane violated Danish airspace.

On June 11, two Su-30 fighter jets flew over Danish airspace at Kristiansow and Bornholm. At the time, this type of violation was reported to be an rarity.

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