Russian Andrei Yakunin accused of flying a drone

Russian Andrei Yakunin accused of flying a drone

Writes Northern lights. His trial is scheduled for November 29 in the district court of Nord-Troms and Senga.

Yakunin is the son of a Russian businessman with links to Vladimir Putin who was arrested in Hammerfest on Monday 17 October. He is accused of illegally flying a drone in Svalbard.

Sanctions regulations forbid Russians to operate aircraft and drones in Norway. The indictment states that he stayed in Svalbard from August 3 to September 6 this year and flew a drone repeatedly during this period.

was on vacation

Yakunin himself has stated that he vacations in Svalbard and Norway almost every year since 2016. According to his lawyer, the reason is because he does mountain climbing and sailing, and because he does hiking and has a passion for the North Pole.

The Russian, who also holds British citizenship, admitted to flying a drone in Svalbard, but believes it was not illegal.

The district court originally wanted Yakunin to be released, but PST appealed the case to the Hålogaland Court of Appeal, and he has since been detained. The appeals court also concluded that he should remain in prison until trial.

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Drone status in western Norway

As early as November 15, another drone case will begin in which a Russian is charged.

Prosecutors will demand an unconditional prison sentence for a man in his 30s accused of filming with a drone in western Norway.

He was arrested in October after flying a drone in Ullensvang. He said the Russian was accused of flying a drone in seven different places NRK.

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He has admitted that he flew a drone in Hardanger, but claims he did not know it was illegal. The defendant explained that he took pictures of nature for private use – and denies any criminal liability.

State Prosecutor Mariette Formeau said Bergens Tidende He is not being prosecuted for depicting critical or military infrastructure, but for violating Article 2 of the Penal Code, which is Norway’s post-war sanctions in Ukraine.

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