Russian attacks on Kyiv and Kharkiv

Russian attacks on Kyiv and Kharkiv

Russia attacked Ukraine's two largest cities on Sunday. Rocket fragments reportedly hit an apartment building in Kyiv, while at least one person was killed in an attack on a post office in Kharkiv.

One person was killed and nine others, including a baby, were injured in a Russian attack on a post office in Kharkiv on Sunday, local authorities said.

According to Kharkiv Governor Oleh Synegubov, the injured child was eight months old. “The man who was killed worked at the post office,” Synegubov wrote in a telegram.

Fragments of a Russian missile fell on a 14-storey apartment building in the Obolon suburb of Kiev and started a fire, according to the local military department. No material damage was reported, but emergency services released photos of at least four balconies that suffered severe damage.

Kharkiv is located in northeastern Ukraine, not far from the border with Russia, and is subjected to frequent attacks by Russian forces. Russia launched a major attack on the Kharkiv region in mid-May.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Telegram that Russia has dropped more than 800 precision-guided bombs on targets in Ukraine in recent weeks, and is again demanding better weapons from the country’s allies.

The faster we help the world deal with the Russian warplanes sending these bombs, the faster we can attack Russian military infrastructure. The sooner we achieve peace, Zelensky said in his daily video address on Sunday.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin had earlier said the offensive in northeastern Ukraine was aimed at creating a “buffer zone” to protect Russia's border region of Belgorod from Ukrainian attacks.

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