Russian luxury yacht still in Norwick: – Defensively – VG

Russian luxury yacht still in Norwick: - Defensively - VG
Located in Norway: The super boat “Rockner” has been much discussed in recent days. Following the outbreak of war, the EU imposed several strong sanctions on Russia, which also affected Russian oligarchy.

Thousands follow the status of Russian-owned boats. One of them is located in Norway. Therefore, the Norwegian authorities do nothing about it.


Russian oligarchs own millions worth of boats and private jets. Many of them have been described as the most expensive and beautiful in the world.

One of them is located in a cave in Norwich.

The “Rockner” boat is owned by former KGB official Vladimir Strasalkovsky – a close friend of Putin’s who held several roles in Vladimir Putin’s government, including the Deputy Minister of Economy.

Close: Vladimir Strazalkovsky (No. 2 from left) with Vladimir Putin during a visit to the Russian mining company Norilsk Nickel in 2010

Several wealthy Russian oligarchs confiscated their boats last week – one of them close supporters of Vladimir Putin, Igor Chechin.

Chetz is one of the many rich Russians targeted by the European Union New obstacles Against, the restrictions that allowed French authorities to take control of the Chechen boat this week.

However, the Russian oligarchy that owns its boat in Norwich has not yet been listed on any sanctions list.

Thus, Russian expert on the Helsinki Committee Aaj Porscheving believes that he will not be hijacked immediately.

On February 23, the Police, Coast Guard and Customs Service had one Regular testing Mod boats. According to N.R.K. There was no abuse by the police.

Portscrew hopes that the Russian boat will remain in Norwich without the intervention of Norwegian authorities.

– It is clear that the government does not want to take any action arbitrarily. The inability to come up with their own barriers seems too defensive, he says.

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On the Helsinki Committee: Age Porscheraving.

– Barriers are most effective when multiple countries introduce the same thing. We do not accept our own Norwegian sanctions. Therefore, we are in close contact with the European Union and our neighbors, “Yngve Angvik, Communications Adviser to the Ministry of Commerce and Fisheries, told VG on Saturday night.

He says the EU is considering sanctions affecting the arrival of Russian ships to EU ports and is aware that similar estimates are being made in Norway.

Angwick can say nothing about whether the Russian boat will be in Norwich.

Captures villas and boats

Italy has seized villas and yachts since Friday from Russian oligarchs. In total, these are NOK 1.4 billion values.

“We can stop Putin’s attacks, we can take him to the negotiating table, and there is no point in praying well,” Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo said on Friday, announcing plans to begin seizing assets owned by Putin’s oligarchy. Sky News.

The properties in question are located in the most beautiful neighborhoods of the country, including Sardinia, Ligurian Beach and Lake Como.

The Italian eGoCrime has seized the supermarket Lena, owned by Janet Timchenko, an oligarch who has close ties to President Putin, and Lady M, owned by oligarch Alexei Mortazov.

Trapped in Italy: Italian police car parked in front of “Lady M” boat owned by Russian oligarch Alexei Mortashov.

Many Twitter accounts are now being created on social media with the aim of revealing the status of the boats.

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Thousands of people follow the movements of luxury ships via Twitter accounts that have detected boats using an open web service called Marine-Traffic.

The @RUOligarchJets account has reached 400,000 followers and is constantly updating whether there are personal jets of oligarchy. The account is according to NBC News Owned by 19-year-old Jack Sweeney.

According to there are many luxury boats N.R.K. Has now disabled its monitoring system.

On Wednesday, German authorities allowed it Super boat confiscated by Everton investor Alisher Usmano “Dilbar” worth $ 600 million. The ship is in the port of Hamburg for repairs. “Dilbar” is based on the world’s largest boat size. In Italy, Usmanov also lost his villa in Costa Smeralda.

A common feature of captured boats is that the owners are all listed in a new one. List of obstacles To the European Union.

Luxury boat: This ship is currently being seized by French authorities. The ship is now off the coast near Marseille.
Everton investor: Luxury boat “Dilbar”, owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, also seized his property in Italy this week.

Russian oligarchy has suffered in many ways since Russia invaded Ukraine. Many banks have imposed restrictions on how much money the Russians can hold, and private funds of oligarchy have been frozen.

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With the Marine-Traffic Internet service, everyone can follow the shipping and where in the world are the boats of oligarchs now.

According to Satellite images Vladimir Putin’s own boat “Graceful” is currently in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Borchgrevink hopes that the growing discontent of the rich will make the situation more volatile for Putin.

– There is no doubt that Russia’s rich are now feeling the pressure. The Russian economy has been hit hard and will continue to grow. The rich hate the situation. This is a useful step, as things are progressing very slowly militarily in Ukraine.

Norway: Click on the photo of the Russian luxury boat “Rockner” parked in Norwich.


Many oligarchs have opposed Putin since the sanctions were imposed.

19 years later, Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich recently relinquished control of the Chelsea football club. Meanwhile, he mentioned that he would start a foundation to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.

It Ukrainian The oligarch Oleksandr Jaroslavsky has sold his boat worth half a billion kroner to help his war-torn hometown of Kharkiv.

– No time for that anymore. We have to work, Jaroslavsky writes Facebook.

Leftists want a ban

According to the NRK, the Liberal Party is now proposing a representation plan for Sporting to close the Norwegian Fijords for the Russian rich.

– Russian oligarchy in luxury boats should not be welcomed in the Norwegian Fjord, MP Alfred Fijorlo (V) told the state channel.

Read more about the invasion of Ukraine here.

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