Russian soldier scolding an officer – he spent five years in prison – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Russian soldier scolding an officer – he spent five years in prison – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

A video of the soldier scolding the department chief went viral on social media in Russia last fall.

Curses were hurled from the man who was mobilized to fight in the war in Ukraine.

The video shows that it was not the packing itself that angered the man.

What irritated him most was the lack of training and poor equipment the soldiers had been given before leaving the camp outside Moscow.

– Why don’t we get army bulletproof vests instead of this Chinese bullshit, says the man in the video.

He also claims that the marksmanship training they receive is only “token”.

Payment and charge

The man accuses his military leaders of sabotaging the order of the country’s commander-in-chief, and says that all staff should be arrested.

The exhausted soldier believed that representatives of the military prosecutor’s office should come to the scene with the country’s military leadership to find out what was going on.

The man blows cigarette smoke in the face of the policeman, who reacts by shoving the soldier. responds back.

– Don’t do this, the officer warns in the video.

Imprisonment for refusing to fight

The Russian Defense Ministry released another video this fall to show what happens to mobilized soldiers who refuse to go to war in Ukraine. The circumstances surrounding the recording are unknown.

The video shows a squad lined up, and one of the soldiers is asked to step forward.

In the background, military police are ready with a car. They arrest the man, bend him forward, and take him to the car, where he is locked up.

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Then the same thing happens to another soldier. It is not clear what happened after Monday.

Yesterday, Agence France-Presse reported that a 24-year-old professional soldier was sentenced to five years in prison for refusing to take part in the war in Ukraine.

Chaotic packing

Lieutenant Colonel and researcher at the Norwegian Defense Academy Geir Hagen Carlsen says there is great dissatisfaction with the way mobilization was carried out in Russia.

The packing was chaotic. Those called were poorly trained and the equipment was often very inadequate. So, it’s not surprising that something like this could happen, he says, and points to the video from The camp outside Moscow.

SIGNAL: Lieutenant Colonel and researcher at the Norwegian Defense Academy, Geir Hagen Carlsen, believes that the Russian authorities will intimidate others into responding in the same way as the soldier in the video.

Photo: Till Bjøringsøy Johnsen/NRK

Karlsen points out that it is not often that discontent is shown so clearly as in this video. Russia is a very authoritarian society where many are suppressed out of pure fear.

– Obviously, this soldier was very discouraged and cursed, says the lieutenant colonel.

Five and a half years

According to many Russian media The soldier who appeared in the video yesterday was sentenced to a severe punishment in a military court in Moscow.

It is said that he spent five and a half years in a concentration camp with a so-called strict regime.

This means that prisoners are strictly monitored and there are very detailed rules about what they can and cannot do.

– The exhausted soldier received a severe punishment to prevent something similar from happening again. Lt. Col. Carlsen says the authorities would scare others from responding in the same way.

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