Russian teenager fired after scandalous photos

Russian teenager fired after scandalous photos

When Russian kart driver Artyom Severguchin was awarded the gold medal during the European Junior Championships in Portugal on Sunday, he slapped himself on the chest and gave the Nazi salute.

Then Severguchin burst out laughing.

The 15-year-old girl’s video went viral and went viral in the international media.

has now Severguchin He was pushed out by his Swedish team, Ward Racing.

– We will cut off cooperation with this person immediately, and we will not be surprised if the FIA ​​bans him for life, FIA founder Joachim Ward tells express.

Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) reach On Monday afternoon, they opened an investigation into what they described as unacceptable behaviour.

– I know it’s my fault. “I know I am stupid and ready to take my punishment, but please believe me when I say that I do not support Nazism or Fascism by making this gesture,” Severguchin said in a statement issued by the Russian Motorsport Federation. Watchman.

The teenager apologizes for the gesture.

“I never supported Nazism, which I believe is one of the worst crimes against humanity,” Severguchin said.

Russian Severjuchin temporarily drives with an Italian license, as Russia was banned as a result of the country’s attack on Ukraine. Severjuchin already drives a Russian team that Ward Racing collaborates with express. That is why the Swedish team has known Severuchin for the past five years.

– That we are now attached to this terrible gesture… it makes us desperate. We try to do everything we can to help those on the other side. They should have a roof over their heads and food on the table. Instead, it would be a huge setback, Ward says.

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According to Lorde, the Russian drivers with Italian licenses signed off not to make nationalist statements and gestures.

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