May 29, 2023


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Russian TV Celebrities - Talking About Taking Stonehenge

Russian TV Celebrities – Talking About Taking Stonehenge

Russian TV personality Vladimir Soloviev spoke about the arrest of Stonehenge on a television broadcast on the state channel Rossiya 1.

In the broadcast, he was asked when Russia intends to stop the invasion of Ukraine.

– When will we stop? Perhaps Soloviev is asking himself in the broadcast according to Newsweek, perhaps Stonehenge.

He then got a bite out of British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, claiming it was “she who is fighting this war”.

Among other things, Truss expressed support for British citizens fighting on the side of the Ukrainians in the war.

One of the most important figures in Russian propaganda, Soloviev is one of the most prominent presenters of state-owned media programmes.

He came up with a number of interesting proposals after the outbreak of the war.

raise eyebrows: Vladimir Solovyov, presenter of the state-owned TV channel Russia 1, believes that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is only the beginning of a major war against NATO.
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On April 22, he claimed in a televised broadcast that Russia was in fact on the verge of going to war against NATO, and asked the alliance to ask itself if it had enough weapons and crew to defend itself.

A few days later, the Ukrainian Security Service was forced to come out and reject the plans to kill Soloviev.

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