Russian warship:- Targeted NATO aircraft

Russian warship:- Targeted NATO aircraft

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video of the attack on the battleship “Admiral Gorshkov”. Boeing B-8 Poseidon Surveillance aircraft – used by the Norwegian, British and American air forces, among others.

The fighter jet reportedly targeted the aircraft as part of an exercise where it tested various air defense systems.

– Three goals were brought into the training camp. They flew from different directions and heights, the ministry writes about the video telegram.

It was Parents Watch Video was originally posted.

The Norwegian Armed Forces' Operations Headquarters (FOH) told Dagbladet about the video:

– Due to the quality of the images and the lack of very accurate time and position reference, it is difficult to identify the nationality. So we have no basis to confirm that this is a Norwegian P-8,” Henrik Omtvedt Jensen, spokesperson for FOH, tells Talkbladet.

According to Parent's Observer, only Norway, Great Britain and the United States fly P-8 Poseidon aircraft on behalf of NATO in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Hypersonic Missiles: “Admiral Gorshkov” has hypersonic missiles. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense
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In a post on social media VK A newspaper dated May 17 writes that the Russian Northern Fleet's “Admiral Gorshkov” sailed from the city of Severomorsk, outside Murmansk, bound for the Atlantic Ocean.

Among other things, the battleship class is equipped with several long-range hyssonian missiles ZirconCapable of carrying nuclear weapons.

– Capable of delivering accurate and powerful hits against enemies at sea and on land, the newspaper writes.

Norway will receive its first P-8 Poseidon aircraft in 2021. According to Safety equipment The project, which consists of five aircraft of this type, has a total cost of about twelve billion kroner.

– The plane's most important mission would be to patrol Norway's vast seas, the defense wrote while still in the delivery box.

Norwegian Airlines is based at Evennes Airport.

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