Russian YouTube channel – NRK Urix – foreign news and documentaries blocked

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The reason for banning and removing RT from Youtube is that the state-funded Russian news service violated Youtube guidelines and sent incorrect information about the Corona pandemic. This was confirmed by a YouTube spokesperson to the German news agency DPA.

This means that the video portal with 614,000 subscribers and more than 547 million views is no longer available to users.

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RT has repeatedly been criticized by the West for being a propaganda tool for the Kremlin. Among other things, they are blamed for spreading conspiracy theories and disinformation on behalf of the Russian government.

The Russian Directorate of Information Technologies and Mass Communications, Roskomnadzor, filed a complaint with the owner of YouTube, Google, and requested documentation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the blockade came without warning, calling it a “outrageous media attack” with the approval of the German government.

No evidence has been provided for this claim.

Threatening German journalists

The Russian authorities are threatening countermeasures against German journalists in Russia, but did not go into details. And the Russian Foreign Ministry says that such measures are not only appropriate, but also beneficial.

Editor-in-chief Margarita Semongan of the RT family’s Rossija Sevodnja news agency, victory for RT Germany declared a “media war” against Russia. It says it expects Russia to respond with measures against the broadcaster Deutsche Welle and the offices of German broadcasters ARD and ZDF in Russia.

RT was launched in 2005 as “Russia Today”. RT German It is an online German language channel from RT. They want a broadcasting license in Germany, something they haven’t received, for example. The German Press Association is urging media inspectors in the country’s 16 states not to grant broadcasting licenses to RT Deutsch.

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