Russians sentenced to 120 days in prison for flying drone in Norway – NRK Trams and Finnmark

Vitalij Aleksandrovitsj Rustanovitsj

The conviction related to Russian Vitaly Alexandrovich Rustanovich, who was stopped at a checkpoint at the Storskog border station in Finnmark on October 11 en route to Russia.

During a search at Storskog, police found hard drives and large amounts of data on several drones in the luggage.

He has now been sentenced to 120 days of non-parole, with 49 days served.

– We are very satisfied with the decision of the Oslo District Court. “They have followed us through all the legal issues, what the sentence should be in a case like this,” says public prosecutor Marit Formo.

According to the verdict, between August 27 and October 11, the Russian flew 47 times with a drone in Norway.

Vitaly Aleksandrovich Rustanovich was stationed in Storskog in October with two drones and storage equipment.

The trial of Rustanovich, who holds Russian and Israeli citizenship, began on November 24 in the Oslo District Court. He admits to flying the drone in Norway, but says he didn’t know it was illegal. He is innocent.

According to the public prosecutor, this is not a case with difficult questions of law.

– We record that there have been four illegal drone flights by Russians in Norway so far. If there are more cases, we will file a case against them as well, concludes the form.

Rustanovich is going to visit a student friend who rents rooms in Norway. During his stay, he took photos and videos of the cabins and Norwegian nature for his friend.

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He did not ask his student friend questions about the legality of flying drones in Norway.

It was Television 2 He was the first to mention the verdict.

Another Russian He has been jailed for 90 days To fly the drone, at the same time BST has also demanded the same To another Russian. This means that Rustanovich has received a severe punishment.

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