Ryerson was praised after the Champions League achievement

Ryerson was praised after the Champions League achievement

Julian Ryerson (TV) celebrates with Dortmund fans after the match. Photograph: Christoph Ena/AP/NTB

Julian Ryerson's achievements touch the entire Lynddale community.

– surprising. Crazy achievement.

This is what Matthias Rasmussen tells VG. The former Brann player is now in Belgian football and it is natural for him to watch the match that took his cousin Julian Ryerson to the Champions League final.

The two grew up together in the small village of Lynddale. Now Ryerson is stepping onto one of the biggest stages.

-I'm a proud cousin. It is every footballer's dream to play in the Champions League final. “I'm proud and envious,” Rasmussen says.

Matthias Rasmussen
<-Matthias Rasmussen

At our house in Lyngdale, the weather is no worse. Mother Linda Ryerson is thrilled when VG grabs her shortly after the game ends.

– I was so nervous. Hovamage. But it exceeded all expectations, and she laughed like only a relaxed and happy mother could do.

Her job in the health care system means she won't be there Tuesday. Dad Ove Kjell was there and gave an interview to TV 2 after the match.

– It is very touching, says the father.

My mother is no less impressed:

-It means everything to him. I saw it in him, even though he was somewhat quieter than the rest of the family, says Linda Rasmussen Ryerson, who tells of a lot of sofa jumping with several observant heather birds.

Ryerson was line up against Kylian Mbappé who was moved to the wing since the first encounter. There, the Frenchman could not do much against the Norwegian.

On social media, jokes are that Ryerson empties his pockets and finds Mbappe.

– He meets such fast players and generally has very good control. He is very close and involved in every situation. Simen Stamsø Møller says in the TV 2 studio that he is not afraid of physical contact.

Did Ryerson make a single mistake during these two matches? He was incredibly strong in everything he did. He drove forward, won duels, contributed offensively and was confident with the ball. Very tired in the last few minutes here now, but what a great performance in his biggest two matches, Jesper Matthiessen wrote on Twitter.

Mama Linda tells of a boy who left Lynddale at a young age to play for the Vikings.

He was one of the youngest children, but he learned independence early. He has a lot of willpower and always gives the maximum. He's turning it all around to be as good as he can be,” she told VG.

– The tougher the opposition, the better it becomes, says Father Ovi Kjell.

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On Tuesday evening, it was time for Dortmund's players to celebrate.

– I will drink a lot tonight, so we will see how I am tomorrow, says Dortmund player Marcel Sabitzer.

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