June 10, 2023


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S Club 7 changes its name after the death of Paul Cattermole

Starters: All seven in 1999. Behind the fv: Tina Barrett, Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole, John Lee and Joe O’Meara. Milf Fv: Hannah Spirrit & Rachel Stevens.

All seven members of S Club 7 were scheduled to take part in the anniversary tour this year. It didn’t turn out that way.


British pop veterans are in mourning following the death of band member Paul Cattermole He was found dead in his home in Dorset last month. He lived 46 years.

Now Hannah Spiritet, 42, has also dropped out of the upcoming 25-year-old tour, and the five remaining members confirmed in a video. Instagram.

The group has also removed the number 7 from their name and are now called S Club on their social media bios (although the official account addresses have not yet been updated with the new address).

– You may have noticed that there are only five of us here today, John Lee (41) says in the video to the fans.

— while Hannah will always be a part of S Club 7, she won’t be with us on this tour, he adds — and says he wishes her “all the best for the future.”

It is not known why Spirit pulled out of the tour. However, it was mentioned to the sun She is deeply saddened by Cattermole’s death. The two had an on and off relationship over the course of several years – until about ten years ago.

– It was my first love, Spirrit explained.

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– shock

Lee also explains how they were affected by Cattermole’s sudden death.

– We were in shock. It took us a while, Lee says, to find the right words to describe what it felt like to lose our brother Paul.

Rachel Stephens, 45, says they all need time to process what happened.

– And it’s important for us to be together, to remember Paul and all the good memories we’ve created together.

Tina Barrett (46) says:

– It’s very sad.

The cause of Cattermole’s death is unknown, but the police concluded that nothing criminal happened.

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S Club 7 returns

They hadn’t been on stage together for ten years, but now the British pop group has let themselves be persuaded.

The band, who rose to fame through the 1999 TV series “Miami 7,” topped the charts in their home country for the first time that same year with songs like “S Club Party” and “Bring It All Back.”

Also when Cattermole retired from the band in 2002, the group removed the number 7 from the band’s logo. The following year, the entire group disbanded.

But S Club 7 made a comeback in 2014, and this year the plan was for all seven to celebrate 25 years since their start.

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