Salah is ready to stay at Liverpool. Big news for Klopp and the future of the Premier League

Contract with Liverpool until 2023. Since the summer, kites from Barcelona and PSG would have been circling around Mohamed. The current financial situation in huge money football, where billions are spinning, forces big clubs with adult leaders not to take risks in such situations. Salah will turn 30 in June, but they could have lost Mohamed for free, which would have dealt a severe blow to both Liverpool’s football power and the new managers. Follow the link and make a bet on Salah’s future.

At the end of the season, a significant farewell will take place. Athletic director Michael Edwards, who helped the American owners and Klopp build the current successful team, will step down. The young man worked in the structure of the club for eleven years, since November 2016 he has become a sports director. This is a very close colleague of Klopp, involved in the signing, including Salah. It looks like Edwards does not want to leave without signing a new contract with the Egyptian.

The interests of the winger are represented by a certain Rami Abbas Issa. This is a lawyer with Arabic roots from Colombia, who can safely be called a friend of Salah. Rami usually responds to rumors about the future of the Liverpool player in a “boyish” style. For example, he mocked Klopp with emoticons when he said that the club “is doing everything possible to ensure that a new contract is signed.” But a month has passed and now it is reported that Salah himself is ready to moderate his appetite.

According to various ratings and assessments, the Egyptian is the leader in the Premier League, and it is clear why he wants bonuses. The football player’s lawyer asked Liverpool for £480,000 a week – a repeat of Ronaldo’s salary at Manchester United. Now allegedly 400 thousand are ready to accept. Now Salah receives about 260 under the old contract. Liverpool dream of keeping the player for three or four years, in fact, until the end of his active career. Previously, the player himself had doubts, kept an eye on Real Madrid, Juventus, and definitely received an invitation from the Qatari sheikhs from PSG.

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Now I am ready to accept that it is not worth looking for good from good. Salah suits Liverpool and the Reds’ system of play helps Mohamed showcase his strengths. There is no selfish striker in the team, Firmino and Jota are doing everything so that the winger’s performance does not suffer. Alexander-Arnold has a phenomenal body of work. In defense, Salah does not have to work out, the central defenders insure the lateral and winger all the time.

Despite all the disagreements with Klopp, Mohamed works with a modern coach who knows how to admit his mistakes and remains an emotional, but adequate person. Salah needs to settle for 400 thousand pounds a week and calmly plan the coming seasons in a red t-shirt. Liverpool can keep up the pace and remain favorites for years to come. Only the question of the future coach remains open. Klopp has repeatedly said that he could leave in 2024 to take a year off and look for a new challenge.

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