Salikha Gil: – I felt intimidated behind the camera

Salikha Gil: - I felt intimidated behind the camera

The second ‘farm’ week is over, and on Sunday, Salikha Gill, 36, had to leave the ranch after losing in chainsaws to her ‘sworn enemy’ Great Enlaid, 49.

Last week in particular, there was a pretty bad mood between the two – as well as between Gilly and Tina Tian (38), who chose to retire on Tuesday’s episode.

– What happened, Salikha?

– I was very nice to Grethe despite the fact that she hit me below the belt. She walked behind my back, pretending I was talking about her. But I myself supported it. I said she was a wonderful lady. Tall and athletic. But she claimed I was talking about her shit.

they change: In previous seasons of “The Farm”, all the young participants were single. There are exceptions this year, but host Mads Hansen still promises to flirt. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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– Hit me from the side

The recording of “Farmen” has finally come to an end, and thus Dagbladet can name everyone involved in this case without revealing the content of the program. We meet them in last place in connection with the completion of the Grand Final.

For Dagbladet, it is clear that Grethe Enlid never spoke of “nonsense” about Sleikha.

– The only thing I said was that it must have been me or she who traveled. It was simply a matter of my well-being. My personality and hers didn’t match at all, and it was hard to imagine the idea of ​​us living together for weeks. Then I thought it was fair to have that fight, you think.

Critical: Criticize the post

Critical: The Repatriated Farmin Post is critical of the way some were treated on the farm. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2
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However, Sleikha Gill claims she didn’t even know that Enlid wanted her into the fight.

– I was surprised. I knew Tina really wanted to push me, but I had no idea Grethe was “there” too. I am shocked, I simply have no respect for Grate, she thinks she lacks integrity.

The 36-year-old continues:

– Tina was awful from day one, while Gretty shot me from the side.

can’t be broken

Like Enlaid, Tina Tyne, who pulled out of “The Farm” on Tuesday, listened to all the tough statements from the 36-year-old. Teien doesn’t want to say much about what is being said.

– What Salikha is saying here really has no roots in reality. Everyone on the farm knows that. And that is exactly what has become quite evident to TV viewers as well. These are facts, as I told Dagbladet

Grethe Enlid agrees with Teien, not recognizing herself in the allegations of her duelist opponent.

– If Salikha thinks I have no integrity, then she can only mean it. For me, “farm” is a game, and then I think it’s not uncommon for you to tell the whole world who you choose as the second giant. Try as much as possible to keep the cards as close to your chest. It was just my feelings.

However, Jill believes that a lot happened on the farm and was not captured by the cameras.

– I felt intimidated behind the camera. They said “pick it up there” and such, but excuse me – I’m not their assistant. They pushed me and pushed me and pushed me behind the camera. I have just said that I have withdrawn from the discussions. And when the cameras came, they teased me in hopes of looking crazy on TV. But it takes a lot for me to end up there, says the repatriated ‘Farmin’ profile, which also garners praise from the other girls at Steinsjøen farm.

– I didn’t really like that I ran and thought I had so much self-confidence. We girls should support and encourage each other. You can’t break me.

Lost: Salikha Gil graduated from

Lost: Salikha Jill exits “The Farm” after losing a Sunday duel. Now Turbat is waiting. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2
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Enledged shakes her head desperately over allegations that she had intimidated the opponent.

– That’s why I only have one thing to say: there were a lot of things happening in front of the camera that weren’t shown on TV. And Salikha should be very happy about that. That wouldn’t exactly be in her favour.

Ordinary people: But this does not mean that everyone is completely normal. Here are the “farm” growers this fall! Video: Tor Lindseth / Red Carpet
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Sorry about the fencing branch

After losing a duel on Sunday, Jill hugged almost all of the remaining participants – except for his opponent. In retrospect, there is one thing in particular that you regret.

– I should have thrown an axe, and I’m sorry for that now. Anyway, I’ve won many battles in my life, and dueling doesn’t mean much to me. This duel was a match between Salikha and Salikha, not Salikha and Greet. I left as a winner anyway. After the loss, I said, “Grith won the battle, but I won the war.” She knows that too. She was at war with herself, because she could not stand me. I treat her to this victory from the bottom of my heart. Because they need self-confidence.

– You ran?

– I can only admit that Salikha and I had a very bad match. But I wasn’t naughty, ugly, or intimidated in any way. I actually wish her all the best, as I wished her the best in fencing – something she never did again. When it comes to self-esteem, I think most people who know me know what it is like with my self-esteem. And I live well with that.

bullying grows up

However, the quarrels on the “farm” are merely peanuts regarding what Salikha Gil experienced in her difficult childhood.

The struggle against injustice runs deep in the woman who came to Norway from Somalia in 1992, aged nearly seven.

– I grew up in a harsh climate. I came straight from the war and the rain of bullets to Norway, where I soon experienced being different and outlandish. Thanks to my background, I could have put up with a lot, but I resisted if people didn’t show me respect — literally, she says.

collar;  SNAPP, SNUTE: An intense competition ended in a victory for Grethe Enlid (right).  Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2

collar; SNAPP, SNUTE: A stiff competition ended in a victory for Grethe Enlid (right). Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2
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Salikha openly tells about the bullying she experienced at school. The bullying happened over a period of four years – from the time she was eight until she was twelve.

– I am outstanding in terms of appearance and personality. And the case is that people who do not like a person with a strong character, will quickly try to make him an enemy.

– no friends

Little Salikha describes her as a very skinny girl. And bullies knew how to take advantage of her looks.

– I invited matches, toothpicks, spaghetti, long bones and giraffes. He called me a lot of weirdness in addition to well-known racial characteristics, like ice pack and niggers, says the “farm” profile.

– There I had to show the others that if they put one finger on me, I give them back ten. I do not have friends. I’ve defeated a lot of men. My father used to pick me up from the principal’s office. “what did you do today?” He asked after I was in another fight. “No, I was bullied,” Salikha says.

Interpreter and private podcast

Today she helps others who are living in difficult circumstances. For the past fifteen years, she has worked as an interpreter for young people who, like her, fled war and misery.

– Sometimes there are very painful stories – young people who have suffered so much. I really feel for them. All the injustice and bureaucracy they have to go through. I recognize myself in stories. I have at least two good tips for them: learn Norwegian, and go to work, says Salikha with a smile.

Farmer Fame: This is the gang that will be participating in the upcoming season of “Farmen Kjendis”. Video: The red carpet
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The Oslo woman also runs her own podcast – “Sue Me” – on Spotify, where she shares her life openly, for better or worse. Salikha still has a lot to work on, and she doesn’t hide the fact that she’s undergoing treatment.

– I think it’s good. I’ve been through a lot myself, but I really believe it takes of course for everyone to try a curative treatment during their lifetime. I found out a little late, unfortunately. Salikha admits that getting married at 22 may not have been a smart idea.

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