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Fra premieren Juoiggas

In 2019, the Sami National Theater Beaivváš toured the country and the beach with a performance of joike “Juoiggas!”. When the play was scheduled to be shown at the Norwegian Opera, the Corona epidemic appeared on the way.

When the world is at a standstill, you have to be creative and find things to do at home, says theater director Rolf Degerlund enthusiastically.

Now the theater has made an album of yoik’s piece to let the music in the performance live.

– The album is part of the theater’s 40th anniversary, says the theater director.

Travel: The theater director mentions that working with “Juoiggas!” It was a journey into the geographical history of Weic.

Photo: Michal enamel wires

good resources

Degerlund tells proudly about the process behind the album. He points out that the good resources in Kautokino enable such projects.

– The track’s music felt very representative of Sammy’s music. With such a good musical performance, it was very motivating to do something more with it, continues Degerlund.

The album was completed at the famous Abbey Road studios in London, which in our time is almost synonymous with the Beatles.

– They were very happy in London. The theater director says they have never heard such loud music!

Joik from all over Sápmi

Performing «Juoiggas!» Written by Harald Gaske and Rodna Carita Ira. It consists of ywek from all over the sapmy.

Black and white press photo by Rodna Carita Era, from Sami National Pivash Theatre.

Writer: Rawda Carita Ayra wrote the play “Juoiggas!” In collaboration with literary scholar and author Harald Gaskey.

Photo: Johann Matisse Job

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Ira tells that a lot of the material is made up of old and traditional ywek, but something new has also been made for this performance.

– We’ve done a lot of research. She says collecting ywek was somehow a journey through time and space in Sapmi.

Sami “Super Team”

The album’s work proceeded efficiently despite the pandemic. Registration began in the fall of 2020, and the release date is June 12, 2021.

Beaivváš had Sami’s “wonderful squad” of talented musicians on the team. Musicians who have all made a name for themselves in the music scene in the North.

Jacob Jansson during the performance "Guijas!" From Sami National Theater Bivash

Skilled Musicians: Sven Schultz is musically responsible, along with Roger Ludvigsen and Jacob Jansson. And Andreas Fleiflet is behind the CD production. Here’s Jacob Jansson on drums.

Photo: Michal enamel wires

Ira says that ywek is a very important supporting component of the Sami culture.

– We put a lot of work into this project, especially in terms of music and events, says Ira.

Celebrating 60 Guests

On Saturday 12 June there will be a celebration that Beaivváš is 40 years old.

Then there will be speeches, music, album releases, a story about the theater’s journey so far, as well as a gala dinner for 60 guests.

– You have to celebrate when you reach the age of marriage, coffee and cake should come! , cried the theater director.

From the world premiere to the Juoiggas show

The theater celebrates the release of music from “Juoiggas!” On CD, on vinyl and on Spotify.

Photo: Islak Michal Mina / Sami National Theatre – Bivach

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To mark the celebration, the theater is also publishing a 250-page picture book.

– It is a coffee table book with pictures from all the shows from 40 years ago until today. It’s so cool! Happy Degerlund says.

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