Sampstead decided on the extra innings and sent Bodo/Glimt to the quarter-finals:

Sampstead decided on the extra innings and sent Bodo/Glimt to the quarter-finals:

ALKMAAR (VG) (AZ Alkmaar – Bodø/Glimt 2–2 eeo, 3–4 overall) When Bodø/Glimt struggled to create chances for goals, an unexpected opportunity arose and provided another breakthrough in Europe.


Right-back Alphonse Sampstead scored only once for Bodou/Glimt, and picked the perfect time to score his second goal.

Just before the whistle went off after the extra first round, he slipped freely and put the post on Hugo Vetlesen, sending Bodø/Glimt into the Conference League quarter-finals.

The last time I scored was against Alta in the cup. Then I cut off all the cameras, no one saw this target. But when it comes to most things, I’m there, says the goal recorder for Viaplay.

Bodø/Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen saw his team hanging in tapes for large parts of the match.

Morality and structure are what save us. We can be proud of this, says Knutsen at the press conference.

She ran twice perfectly between the yellows on the field and in the stands: only after the winning goal, and then when the referee’s whistle replaced the hell of Glimt’s nerves in the last quarter.

– You get the entire emotional record. Proud, impressionable, stubborn – everything. I’m so out of match after match that I think I’m someone who should take some time before you arrive. There are a lot of feelings. Now we will enjoy it. Knutsen says it’s not every day that Glimt plays the quarter-finals of a European championship.

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In overtime of the second overtime period, substitute and former Glimt player Håkon Evjen raised a perfect position, which World Cup bronze-winner Bruno Martins Indy had put in, but the ball went out.

– I saw him at last, says Knutsen.

The yellow fingerless crowd at the Glimt bend could jump again and sing “Deaf, that’s nice.”

Bodø/Glimt went and thanked nearly a thousand visiting fans, who can now start planning a new adventure in Europe.

– says Amal Pellegrino, you feel a little speechless.

Captain Ulrik Saltnes thinks it’s hard to understand what they’re doing during the day.

– Now we are comfortable. It was on the gum, but it held. This is actually completely unreasonable. No one would have imagined this two years ago. Things went really fast in Glimt, so we have to stop a bit and enjoy it. We broke down barriers to ourselves and Norwegian football, says Saltnis, before continuing:

It’s almost a little rough trying to describe it in words, but you get emotional. This is so cool to be a part of it. Money can’t buy this experience.

A well-organised A-Z team pressed and stressed Bodo/Glimt, who looked exceptionally uncomfortable from the start. After Glimt came from Bodo with a good 2-1 lead, there was massive dominance on Dutch soil.

An exciting attack down the middle 18 minutes into the game gave Bruno Martins Indi an opportunity to increase his lead and did not disappoint his teammates. Vangelis Pavlidis was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the goalkeeper.

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Pavlidis kept his cool when Marius Hubraten took on the job as an armless goalkeeper, certainly scoring 1-0 with a well-placed shot from a half-pointed corner.

Transfer: Nikita Heiken was cut too late to reach the ball, and thus Vangelis Pavlidis rotated the ball.

It only took a few minutes before Bodo/Glimt equalized – meanwhile he regained the overall lead.

Ronar Espegord hoists the ball over Peter Jensen in the Arizona cage. Two Arizona players threw themselves to give up the ball, but then the ball ended up right in the lap of Amal Pellegrino, who lay in the horizontal and hit the ball way into the tie.

So far: Here, Amal Pellegrino scored the 1-1 goal for Bodou/Glimt.

The visiting shopkeepers of just under a thousand were not allowed to spend several minutes in trance, because shortly thereafter, AZ played nicely on the right side.

Trønderbacken hit Aslak Fonn Witry in front of goal – and for the second time in the match, Pavlidis managed to put the ball into the empty cage.

Gradually, Bodø/Glimt got better at keeping the ball in the team, but they still struggled with pressure and creating chances.

After the 70th minute the ball hit the metal behind Nikita Heiken after a sparkling shot by Jesper Carlson for the occasion from distance but the margins were by Bodo/Glimt.

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2–1 after 90 minutes means 3–3 on aggregate and therefore extra runs.

There, Alphonse Sampstead became the big-time champ in the first overtime period.

The achievement is enormous. And it’s even bigger, considering they were totally exhausted in the first round. Football expert Joachim Johnson at studio VGTV says that the security they have in this team is enormous.

The quarter-final matches will take place on 7 and 14 April. The Bodo/Glimt opponent will play on Friday.

Note! In addition to Aslak Fonn Witry, who started the match, Håkon Evjen was replaced by AZ Alkmaar in the 81st minute of the match. Frederick Medjetsjo was injured and was not included.

Correction: In the first version of this article, VG wrote that tonight’s goal was Alphonse Sampstead’s first at Bodo/Glimt. This was later corrected in 21.51.

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