Samsung «teaser» next Galaxy flagship –

Samsung ‘teaser’ next flagship Galaxy

The top model can take over the Note series and get a “super camera”

New Galaxy phone blueprint.

“Ready to break the rules in 2022.”

With these words “teaser” the next series of mobile phones of Samsung. It is expected to be presented in February under the name “Galaxy S22”.

I short video clip Now the company has released before the announcement, we’ll see a diagram of two dancing mobiles before they merge into one.

Rumors that the Galaxy S series and the “big brother” Galaxy Note series will be one and the same series have been circulating for a while now, gaining momentum after Samsung did not release any new Note series last year.

The Note series has always been similar to the S-series, but it did come with a few extra features as well as a ‘stylus’ stylus that kept the home inside the mobile.

While many are suggesting that the series could be combined, rumors haven’t been able to agree how This will happen.

However, the well-known OnLeaks is among those who claim that there will be three models of Galaxy S:

Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

According to OnLeaks, the Ultra model is the only one to get features from the Note series, with an “S-Pen” and a design different from its smaller sibling, which in turn will remind us of current S21 models in appearance.

Engadget Among the sites that wrote that all new Galaxy models will have very bright screens and that the Ultra camera will have a so-called “Ultra Clear Lens”, not knowing what is in this.

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Swedish M3 In turn, he refers to the wonderful “ice world” who claims that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the best camera out of the three. It is supposed to rely on a 108MP image sensor based on artificial intelligence to take very good macro photos. In addition, the night mode should be improved with new facial features, better focus and light sensitivity.

Last year, we wrote that Samsung claims to have considered giving all Galaxy mobile phones the same Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. That sounds reasonable, but Galaxy models on sale in the US came with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, while European and Asian models have Samsung’s own Exynos processors.

Now this rumor is more unconfirmed than it used to be. Dutch site Galaxy Club He writes, among other things, that models with Exynos processors are already included in the systems of some European stores.

Traditionally, phones with a Snapdragon processor have been more powerful than phones with Samsung’s own Exynos processor.

South Korea Digital Daily He claims that Samsung will showcase the new Galaxy series at an “unpacked” digital event on February 8, and launch sales on February 24. This has not been confirmed by Samsung itself, but the company has a tradition of releasing phones in the Galaxy series either in February or March of each year.

The new Galaxy phones are expected to be somewhat more expensive than last year’s models due to the increased demand for components and higher production costs.

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