Sandberg and Bahre Ledness:

Sandberg and Bahre Ledness:

Will end in 2020 Former Politician Per Sandberg (62) And girlfriend Pahare Lightness (31) Express what you want Open its own bar in HaltonThen take the “Grand Bar” in the center of the city.

The two celebrities spent several months renovating the premises to open a nightclub. The opening was postponed several times due to corona infection, but they were finally able to open the doors towards spring.

However, now they have started another project and will open a new bar – again.

Cries: Pahare Letnus sheds tears after a disappointing news on “Camp Culinaris”. Reporter: Cain Paulch. Video: Selena Morgan / Viaplay
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– Adult viewers

This time they are targeting Fredrikstad and will be running the bar at the Victoria Hotel, which is now undergoing renovations. Fredriksstad Blad.

– Per Sandberg and partner Martin Christensen tell the newspaper that we are talking to adults.

If all goes according to plan, Sandberg says the bar, known as Bar Pahalim, will be completed in early July-August. The hotel will be run as an apartment hotel with short and long term rentals and extensive self-service.

Add home: Synnøve Skarbø goes to Per and Pahare on his new cleanup project.
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The couple says they will run the bar and hotel in Halton as usual.

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