Sandra Ling – Not okay

Sandra Ling - Not okay

Artist Sandra Laing (35) She has been in the spotlight since 2004 when she ranked fourth in the “Idol”. Since then, she has released several songs, but has also used her platform to promote a positive body focus.

The 35-year-old has spoken out about it in public At all with eating disorders already when he was 13 years oldShe was hospitalized for up to four months for psychiatric treatment.

Now she’s opening up to ideas that linger from the time of eating disorders.

On Instagram, she shares an honest post showing a photo of Lyng with a hat pulled in front of her face.

“My sisters and brothers who have had eating disorders / have struggled a bit with eating / think food was hard at some point… Has it all worked out for you? I must honestly admit that a bully appears every year. When do you wear a swimsuit now? Put on shorts and a skirt,” she wrote in the introduction.

See and Hear received permission from Sandra Lyng to reproduce the post.

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not my body

Moreover, Ling admits that she no longer feels that her body is similar to her own, especially since she did not have the opportunity to exercise in the past year due to illness.

“Exercise is ‘my happiness pill’. Lifting the baby over my head and putting my luggage on the shelf when I travel makes me feel strong. It gives self-confidence. The fact that my favorite jeans fit right – feels good. Right now it’s not like that and that’s okay, but what’s not Acceptable is that Ms. CF (Journal of Eating Disorder., she compliments.

edit photos: Wanda Machadi has been criticized by Mads Hansen for making a thinner edit on a photo taken at an Elle party. I ate it with a pinch of salt.
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Multiple parts

The 35-year-old adds that she’s doing fine and in complete control, but it’s disturbing that these thoughts still pop up — 14 years after she’s recovered from her eating disorder.

I am an adult now. I am a mother. I love my body. I love the smile holes on my butt, the little varicose veins that look like sweet rivers, the tiger stripes and the fact that I have some shapes,” she adds.

In the comments section, there are a number of followers who share their own stories, thanking Lyng for sharing her thoughts.

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