Sandra Oh, look what we found

Sandra Oh, look what we found

Sandra Oh had to go into therapy to deal with the attention.

In that case, you’ll now find some of the hottest celebrity talking shows inside and out.

In 2005, actress Sandra Oh (50) got the role of Christina Yang in the popular series “Grey’s Anatomy”. By that time, she had already had great success in her native Canada, but little can be compared to what she met at the time.

Suddenly “the whole world” became Christina Yang, and Oh was recognized wherever she went. In addition, she was invited to the biggest talk shows, and fans wanted to know “everything” about her.

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But that transition wasn’t fair, according to Sandra Oh.

– To be honest, it was painful. The reason I say this is because the circumstances you need to carry out your work require privacy,” she said when she recently hosted the “Sunday Today” talk show on NBC, reproduced by CNN.

I got help with treatment

On top of that, Oh said she felt like she lost a lot of privacy, and that she refused to go out in public.

When you lose your identity, you need to find tools to take care of yourself. I went from not being able to go out and hide in restaurants, to finally being able to handle interest and expectations without losing myself.

This change happened thanks to the treatment.

– You have to find a way to stay on Earth. The actor explained that it often comes down to saying “no.”

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This isn’t the first time Sandra Oh has spoken about how important therapy has been to her in her career. In fact, it was the therapy classes that made her adjust to the transformation when she chose to leave “Grey’s Anatomy” after ten seasons in 2013.

– I had treatment a lot before that, because I had to prepare myself. The 50-year-old said in an interview, I gave myself two years to get over it The Hollywood Reporter I 2013.

Anxiety after the assault

British TV star Katie Price, 43, could also benefit from a round of therapy, We Must Believe Her Friend.

Price is said to have been attacked at his home in Essex at the end of August, and since then the suspect in his 30s has been released on bail until September 20 while the case was under investigation by local police in Essex.

The man is suspected of assault and robbery, and Bryce’s many friends now call her and send her warm thoughts. One of them is former Miss Queen model and TV personality Danielle Lloyd (37).

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– My heart broke when I heard about Katie. I texted her as soon as I heard it, but I don’t think she had her cell phone, Lloyd told Closer Magazine, according to Mirror.

– I love Katie, and if it is true that she was attacked, I imagine she is completely traumatized and needs treatment.

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The source also tells The Mirror that many people in Bryce’s circle are concerned about her.

Katie has been through a lot in recent years, and has suffered from post-traumatic stress. The source says they fear that they will be redirected as a result of the attack.

New details about bullying allegations

In 2020, Royal House experts Omid Scobie and Caroline Durand released the bestselling In Search of Freedom, which provided unique insight into the lives of Prince Harry, 36, and his wife, Meghan, 39.

The writers shared many stories the outside world had never heard before, and now Scooby is sharing more details, according to And! News.

Scooby has written an epilogue, in which he, among other things Addresses bullying allegations against Duchess Meghan. It was in March of this year that times Until then, unknown emails from 2018 were published from Jason Knauf, the then Duke’s communications secretary, apparently trying to get support from Buckingham Palace to protect some employees.

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The email was sent to Simon Case, then the private secretary to Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (39), following concerns with human resources manager Samantha Carruthers.

According to Scobey, the entire case was disproportionately postponed, with two of those involved in the case withdrew their complaint before The Times covered the case. In other words, Scooby claims in the epilogue that the situation was not as bad as it was first announced.

The duchess’s team also denied the allegations when the Times article was published.

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“The Duchess was hit by the latest attack on her character. She herself has been the target of bullying, and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma,” the Duchess said in a statement at the time.

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