Sanna Khurshid: – – Now that is enough

Sanna Khurshid: - - Now that is enough

Stavanger woman Sanna Kursit (33) became a well-known face among the Norwegian people When he participated in “The Farm” last year. She was on the farm for two weeks after a fierce fight against Inger-Sicily Grennorut.

After staying on the farm, Khurshid told her several times Misrepresented on television.

– Enough

However, now her focus is not on “farm” participation.

At the end of September, the 33-year-old shared a post on his Instagram profile where he deals with great provocations and online trolls.

He did this by posting ugly comments on Facebook and Instagram:

“Imagine coming to the office to check those messages in your inbox while checking your email! Can you continue tomorrow with a smile and try at work? This is how my work day begins, the hateful news about me as a woman, my race, skin color, age and culture.” , Khurshid writes in the post.

She tells Thackeray that a special comment was due to overflow the file. It apparently came from a well-established, well-established man.

– This has been going on for some time now and I gave up because I did nothing to get news like this. I felt “enough is enough” – so I chose to share it with my followers.

– Concussions should be: Host Mates Hanson was upset that so many participants chose to break the rules during the “Forman” recording.
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Asked to take his life

Khurshid is a cosmetic influence and has more than 25,000 followers on Instagram. With it comes the title of “public person”.

– It has been said that this is constructive criticism and that I have to tolerate it because I am a public person. But the fact that adults think it’s okay to call me a “whore” asks me to change my appearance and motivates me to take my own life – which is a little scary.

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He says there are a large proportion of adult men and they often hide behind anonymous profiles on social media. Now she is also excited about it in dating apps.

– It should have been a really good experience, but I had to delete my user because I can no longer pick it up.

– Simply men hate women.

Title on the monitor: This year’s “farm” has already made several headlines, and now people have seen what Carianne Wilde wore when she was on the farm. Reporter: Henret Ilertson. Video: Thea Hope / Red Carpet
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Positive reactions

The 33-year-old says he has received many reactions since he chose to share the post, and insists most are positive.

– Many women contact me and tell me what they experienced and what they think I do. Many say they have a dream of being a public figure, but do not dare to pursue it for fear that they will be hated.

But she was not ready for a comment she received, and the file was overflowing from the person behind the comment:

– I really apologized to him. He apologized if he had done something wrong or did something wrong, and admitted that he was stupid. So I thanked him for that. There was only one message, but it starts with one person and ends with the influencer.

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