June 10, 2023


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Sanna Marin, Finland | Russian television mocks the news of Sana Marin’s divorce

Finland’s outgoing Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced this week that she and husband Markus Raikkonen are separating after 19 years. Marin and Raikkonen have a daughter and have been married since 2020.

Marin had a prominent international role in connection with Finnish membership in NATO and was an outspoken supporter of Ukraine.

It also received a lot of unwanted attention in connection with a video of the party from the Finnish prime minister’s residence that was leaked on social media late last summer.

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Russian TV presenter Olga Skabijeva could not hide her apparent joy at the news of the divorce, and took the opportunity to mock the outgoing prime minister on Russian television.

– Another sensation from Finland is the divorce of the Acting Prime Minister, Sanna Marin herself, whom we have been following closely, according to Skabijeva, according to Translation By the BBC’s Francis Scarr, who monitors the Russian media.

– provocative and vulgar

Skabijeva and Russian TV chose to show a so-called party video in the background when they announced the news of their divorce this week.

– Skabijeva said that the party lion has repeatedly been involved in scandals because of her provocative and somewhat vulgar behavior, suspicion of her drug addiction and her organized parties at the government residence.

– Marin himself assured that there were only alcoholic drinks at the parties. But then it went to the minister, as they say. In the last election, Skapijeva said, her party came only in third place, and her former constituents say the Sanna Marin era in Finland is over.

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– Let’s say this is what friendship with Zelensky leads to.

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Marin announced his resignation as chairman of the Finnish Social Democrats after the election defeat in April.

Marin and the AKP received only 43 of the 200 representatives in the Finnish Parliament in the April 2 elections, thus losing the power of the government.

She and the government will remain in place to deal with current matters until a new government is appointed.

Marin has been Prime Minister since 2019 and has led the country through the pandemic, the Ukraine War and NATO’s Finnish operation.

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Putin’s iron doll

Skabieva is considered to be among the most important financiers of Russian propaganda in Russia and is on the US and EU sanctions list, according to the Reuters.

She hosted the Russian TV show “60 Minutes” for several years. Skabijeva has used her platform to spread propaganda and conspiracy theories, declaring, among other things, that World War III is already underway.

Skabijeva uses the epithets “Putin’s iron puppet” and “Russia’s propaganda chief,” according to the report British media.

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We are still good friends

“We are grateful for the 19 years we lived together and for our daughter. We remain good friends, close to each other and loving parents. We will spend time together in the future as well. We want you to respect our privacy and not comment further on this matter,” Marin and Räikkönen said in a statement at Earlier this week, according to Hofudstadsbladet.

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