Sarah Natasha Melby: – ​​Two suspects in Snow Monster costume

Sarah Natasha Melby: - ​​Two suspects in Snow Monster costume

This year’s biggest guessing game is in full swing Every Saturday, more than a million Norwegians sit in front of the TV screen To find out who it is Take off your mask in tonight’s episode “Maskorama”.

Answer the rumours: ‘Maskorama’ fever continues and many people are scratching their heads over who ‘Nøkken’ could be. Now one of the main suspects is responding to the rumours. Video: The red carpet
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When the show was first shown on TV last year, it quickly became a huge hit. This led to NRK releasing its own podcast this year called “Maskorama podcast” with Sarah Natasha Melby (46) as a host. The podcast is available on the NRK Radio app.

The 46-year-old has followed the program more closely than most of the past year, and in Excel I followed all the hints and theories:

– I was pretty convinced that Troll had been sis (Cicely Steinmann-Ness, 34, Nanographic Magazine) for too long. Once, I drove and texted her on Saturday nights to see if she would answer. But I think she saw me because she responded in a very suspicious way, and I think she did it on purpose. I think she enjoyed it, Melby laughs.

Despite this small barrier, Dagbladet made a trip to the Fremantle offices in Frogner in Oslo to get some advice from one of the country’s premier “Maskorama” experts.

Mile: “Vikings” came third in last year’s season of “Mascurama.” Now he feels confident about who is hiding behind the “dragon”. Video: Red Carpet / NRK
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Sarah Tips

Melby admits that in the past year she hasn’t trained well in how to think when she’s a “Maskurama” investigator, but stresses that she feels more prepared this year. However, production made it very difficult.

– I’m not sure of anyone now. I hesitate, it’s almost like that hour by hour. I was pretty sure Victor Suttberg (30) is the Dragon and didn’t want to omit it, but now I’m more unsure than I was a few days ago.

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– But what bothers me the most is the snow monster!

She explained that in Thursday’s podcast episode, a new tip appeared — three skate poles.

The host has broached several theories about who is hiding behind the mysterious snow monster, including several skaters, but recently suspected that there may only be two people.

Masurama: A celebrity has to take off his mask on tonight’s episode of Maskorama. Video: NRK
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There are a lot of references to the second number in the hints. I don’t know what that means, but I like the idea that they can be two people. I also noticed the hair! At first it was short and curvy, and suddenly it became long too.

If it turns out that there are two people behind the Snow Monster mask, brothers Melby Ylvisåker, Bård (39) and Vegard Ylvisåker (42) think it might be a good guess.

– Either they change, or they both wear the outfit at the same time and one sits on the shoulders. This is something they can do. In addition, they both sing well, and then go well with the hair!

suspected skater

Many TV viewers are convinced that Dedrick Soleil Tangin (34) is the same one behind the snow monster, and Melby can’t quite get rid of the idea that it’s true. However, a new name appeared on the board in the podcast:

Voltage: The mermaid had to take off her mask during Saturday’s Masurama. Video: Courtesy of NRK
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– Launched a Matoma listener as a suggestion. We didn’t hear him sing and we tried to look but we couldn’t find clips of him anywhere. But he’s a musician, so that didn’t surprise me.

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She still doesn’t hide the fact that it would have been fun if he had actually been a skater.

– If a former skater walks around and sings like him, that’s totally insane. It was amazing and so much fun

This is what you need to look for

On Saturday evening, he is finally preparing for a new broadcast of “Maskorama”, and a fourth participant will be revealed. Before that, the participants will perform two songs, each of which is a duet with a professional artist.

And for those who followed the better of us, one remembers what happened during the duo last year.

Answer: Birgit Skarsten responds to Masakurama’s rumors during the Shall We Dance final on November 13, 2021. Video: Thea Hope. Reporter: Ken Falch
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Then there were many who thought Ulrikke Brandstorp (26) was Troll, something we eventually discovered was true. So, she surprised everyone when she suddenly appeared as the Vikings duo partner earlier in the season.

In that light, Melby believes there is one participant worth watching closely on Saturday. Many believe Sandra Laing, 34, is the one who wears the Bamsen Mask – but she’s also listed as the duo’s partner to one of the others.

– We have to follow Sandra a little more. Is she a little curly in her hair? Could someone have ripped off the teddy bear’s head?

Additionally, the 46-year-old believes that the duo can reveal who the artists are and who aren’t.

– One thing is to learn to sing yourself, but singing a duet with a professional is much worse. There I think he can shine through professional singers!

encrypted: ‘Maskorama’ is in full swing, and after KK editor Ingeborg Heldal puts it on the wall, we’re pretty sure who’s hiding behind ‘Nøkken. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Selena Morkin / Red Carpet
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Christmas table offerings

As you already understood, Melby loves the game “Maskorama”, and she spends her weekends happily in this guessing game. Although that means Christmas dinner and other festive gatherings have to give way.

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– In these weeks I have to withdraw from everything really. Those who know me have tried to stay away from Saturdays and Sundays, but I must honestly admit that if I had to sacrifice a gathering for the sake of “Maskorama” I would have done so with joy.

There is no doubt that she should be kept up to date with all the hints and theories, and as a die-hard fan and podcaster, it naturally takes a lot of time. But how long do we talk?

Masurama: Carsten Warholm confirms / refutes rumors about the possibility of participating in Maskurama this year. Video: Ragna Kristen Sandholt / Dagbladet
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Some might say I spend a lot of time on this, but I don’t think so. I would say right, maybe a little too much. It’s a very difficult period, but I think it is very interesting. It’s a hundred percent job. smaller.

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