Saska refuses to pay electricity bills – company had to appear in court – NRK Westland

Saska refuses to pay electricity bills – company had to appear in court – NRK Westland

– This is a protest action, says Sascha Høvring.

This week, the power company Fjordkraft had to face Sascha Høvring in court in Bergen. He had to pay for the electricity they provided him.

He denied this for over a year.

The amount Fjordkraft wants to pay is now NOK 17,500.

Howring is one of thousands inspired by the “Don’t Pay” movement, which wants fair electricity prices for all.

On the same day, the verdict was clear: the court did not agree with Høvring’s statements Bergen Newspaper.

Fjordkraft is believed to be illegally demanding a lot of money

Høvring believes that Fjordkraft broke several laws by demanding more money for electricity, including the Price Measurements Act.

Høvring therefore believes that electricity prices are unfair.

The court has now denied this.

Høvring hopes to be paid according to the contract he made with Fjordcraft. Deputy Attorney General Emily Schjonsby-Nolett, who represented them in court, said.

The court now stands behind it.

Do you agree that the contract is broken?

– Agree and agree. I want to pay, I said that. No one agrees, and Høvring says it’s the price that disagrees with them.

The case has already been brought before the conciliation council. Howring lost there.

Sasha Howring.

Photo: Alexander N. Breivik / NRK

In addition to an amount of approximately NOK 17,500, Fjordkraft is demanding default interest and court costs. This means Høvring walked away with NOK 36,011, according to BA.

Høvring will appeal the court’s decision.

Inspired by international propaganda

Sascha Høvring is the administrator of the Facebook group “I don’t pay”.

Through the Facebook Group, he has collected more than NOK 90,000 to cover the costs he has incurred for the court case.

The group was inspired by the British “Don’t Pay” campaign. The protest was launched in June 2022 with the aim of asserting a fair price for electricity for all.

In October, The Guardian reported that more than 193,000 people had pledged to avoid paying their electricity bills, with one million Britons pledging not to pay.


The British campaign Don’t Ghost inspired the group in Havering.

Photo: AFP

The move is to pressure the British authorities to reduce electricity prices to the same level as before April 2021.

The Norwegian Facebook group has just over 5,000 members. The group aims to pay no more than a maximum of 50 øre/kWh and a fixed minimum net rent.

Apart from this, they will not pay.

Get proper power Obligation to supply

If you don’t pay for the electricity you use, your electricity supplier can terminate the contract with you.

They will cut off the power supply to you but you will not lose the power in the sockets. You will then be transferred to a network owner who will provide you Subject to delivery power

According to the Consumer Council, this can be significantly more than the power you can buy through normal contracts.

Today, Høvring receives electricity directly from BKK subject to supply.

The Consumer Council writes that the network owner can Stop electricity supply in certain circumstances, for example when you don’t pay the internet rent you owe.

In the event of a closing, you have the right to advance written notice and to be notified in person. The notice may come as a reminder or debt collection notice in the same letter.

What happens if you don’t pay?

Sberbanken West says the unpaid bill is sent to debt collection and you will receive one Payment note Until the case is over.

At the same time, the amount increases due to fees, late payment interest and collection agency fees.

John-Dore Smith, Bank Manager at Sperbanken West

Leadership: John-Dore Smith is a bank manager at Sperbanken West. He explains what will happen if the bill is not paid.

Photo: Oddgeir Øystese / NRK

– If you still don’t pay what you owe, the debt collection agency will try to secure its claim by taking liens on assets such as cars and homes. This is done through collateral and is called a mortgage, explains Jan-Dore Smith, bank manager at Sperbanken West.

The mortgage will be written, and everyone you apply for a loan will know, he says.

A debt collection agency may also use payroll deductions. After that the employer has to deduct the amount from the salary.

“Seriously, you run the risk of the company having to force sell the home to get its money,” he says.

Banks are aware of the notification received.

– He says that as a general rule, customers with payment notices do not get new loans/loans or refinance current loans/credits with regular banks.

In addition, you may have problems buying services from someone who performs credit checks before the contract closes – such as insurance companies, TV companies and the Internet.

– Then you have to pay in advance, he says.

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