June 2, 2023


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Save electricity - don't save like this!

Save electricity – don’t save like this!

Increased interest rate, more expensive food, fuel and electricity. Times are tight across Europe, and people are saving where they can.

The savings in electricity may be reasonable, but the higher prices have led some people to use some very innovative methods to lower the bill.

You can get sick

In the UK, many people have chosen to turn off their refrigerator to save electricity. This has led to several cases of food poisoning, especially among children and young adults. Denmark’s Food and Drug Administration also warns against doing so.

DinSide spoke to the Norwegian Food Safety AuthorityWho agrees with this warning.

It’s important to keep perishable foods cool to avoid bacteria growth until you get sick from the food, says senior advisor Randy Edvardsen in the Division of Food Safety.

Another tip to be warned about is to lower the water heater temperature or turn it off completely.

– It is not recommended. This is based on the fact that one should not risk moving into the danger zone for Legionella. Legionella is a bacterial disease that can lead to severe pneumonia, warns Frank Olsen, managing director of Rørkjøp, in press release.

Therefore, it is not recommended to turn off the water heater or lower the temperature to save electricity.

wrong message

If you unplug your router, this is also something you should stop doing.

– If we lose connection to several routers at the same time within a geographic area, an alarm will go off in our operations center. Investigations will then be carried out as to whether there is a power outage in our node or whether there is a local power outage in the area, says Elaine Shen, Information Director at Telia, Next to you.

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Another drawback, if you turn off the router every night, is that you can also miss several security and firmware updates.

fire danger

Electricity is often cheaper at night. Thus, it can be tempting to wear the washer or run the dryer. This is something you should avoid, especially if you are sleeping.

– We understand that people try to save electricity wherever they can, but we fear for fire safety, especially when using a clothes dryer if you leave it running while everyone in the house is sleeping, Says Torbjørn Brandeggen, Communications Consultant at Tryg Forsikring.

The fire service also warns about this, but at the same time she writes on Twitter that if you have to use the laundry and dry at night, you should have smoke alarms that you know work.

– Not sure? Press the test button! recurs monthly, Writes the fire service.

Good energy saving tips can be found at This issue.