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A text message enters the phone.

The number appears to be Norwegian:

Today 07:40


Text message:

More than 19,000 people in Norway are called Anders.

“Everyone” knows Anders.

What did Anders send me? 🧐 “

What happens if you click on the link?

Do you know Anders?

A news article that promises great returns

Hidden article behind the link.

It is similar to

however; There is something annoying.

The title reads:

“Billionaire and Industrial Builder Returns to Norway with His Latest Project”

Do you see any of these real?

The article is not real. Nettavisen is in no way associated with fraud.

Under the title, it is described how Kjell Inge Røkke has invested 850 million NOK in a project.

In short, it is claimed:

If you invest money in the project, you can earn large sums from day one.

It seemed too good to be true. However, there are many Norwegians who allow themselves to be deceived.

Photo: screenshot

This is fraud, says Kent Oxness.

Øksnes is listed as author of the article. He is a former Dine Penger journalist and later founder of Pengenytt.

Røkke is also reported to have visited TV2 God Morgen Norge to talk about the possibilities. Program manager Vår Staude must have been tempted to try.

The point of it all is to entice readers to take it one step further.

It’s a lie, of course.

But what happens if you press Try Now?

After 10 minutes…

NRK didn’t have to wait long before calling an unknown Norwegian phone number.

Click to hear the scammer.

Hello Mr. Sonder Skjelvik. My name is Anton. Anton Pavlovich.
I am calling you from Swizzpro and Bitcoin System Mr. Sondre. How are you today?

After a few words about how things were going, Anton finished the short talk.

He will talk about Swizzpro.

Anton Pavlovich:
Are you a newbie right?
Yes, I am a beginner.
Anton Pavlovich:
OK. This is not a problem because in our company we have an automated work system.
This system buys and sells for you in the stock market and trades on autopilot for you. Good?

Anton claims that the company is located in Switzerland and that the system requires an investment of at least $250.

Not many people may have heard of Swizzpro.

But Anton can assure you that there is a strong partner on the team.

We partner with Tesla. The system we are using is provided by Tesla.

Anton also claims that Elon Musk is the man behind the automation of the investment bot.

Elon Musk in 2022

Elon Musk visited Norway earlier this fall, but being behind the automation at Swizzpro is just a lie.

Photo: Joseph Benoni Nice Tveit/NRK

He loses an average of 78000 NOK

Anton Pavlovich’s show is too good to be true. More on him and on Swizzpro later.

But the Norwegians are fooled by these tricks. All general stock DNB . Report About how many people are deceived into investing in scams.

In 2021, 528 cases were recorded investment fraud.

On average, each person lost 78,000 NOK.

Crypto Fall crypto bitcoin terra Luna.  Crypto Fall Crypto Bitcoin Tera Luna

Every year, many Norwegians are tricked into investing in fake or worthless stocks or securities.

Illustration: Egil Ursin / NRK

– In this case, the scammers gamble on a quick return. Just temptations, says security analyst Thorbjørn Busch at Telenor.

Received several inquiries

Not only those who lose money are victims of such scams.

The names Kjell Inge Røkke, Vår Staude, Nettavisen, TV 2, and Tesla have been misused for the benefit of the scammers.

Additionally, there are some innocent bystanders whose phone numbers are misused when scammers call.

fake comments

Below the article there are comments from people who allegedly earn good money. Of course fake names and lies are presented.

Photo: screenshot

Kent Oxness, who involuntarily received a fake article credit, finds it sad.

– It’s so boring. The only thing I can do is deny the authenticity of this, and assert that it is a scam, he tells NRK.

– My name has been misused for several years. There isn’t much you can do about it.

Have you ever cheated?

Oxness adds:

– I have received many inquiries from people asking if this is a scam. They were seduced, but fools enough to think twice.

refuses to comment

We return to Anton Pavlovich.

He is enticing NRK to invest and apply for a Visa card.

But we’re not sure and want to know more.

The conversation between NRK and Pavlovic has been going on for over 15 minutes.

We face that this is an attempt to fraud.

You are trying to deceive me.
Anton Pavlovich:
How am I trying to deceive you?
You are trying to get me to transfer money to a fake trading platform.
Anton Pavlovich:
It’s up to you. I didn’t pressure you into anything. You have registered and want to start trading.

Pavlovich refuses to accept that they do anything wrong the way they tempt people. He stands his ground and goes on to say that Swizzpro is worth investing in.

NRK chose not to spend the money on the investment, but the fake platform will likely give the impression that the money has grown rapidly.

After that, it will probably be Impossible to get money back.


NRK received the login to the platform after registration.

Photo: screenshot

Repeats the same message over and over

Pavlovic refuses to accept that Swizzpro is a scam. In closing, NRK asks if he has a comment on an article about the company.

This led to a quick termination.

I am a journalist from Norway, and I am writing an article about your company. Do you have any comments on the article?
Anton Pavlovich:
This is your opinion. I can’t change your mind. Good?
Have a nice day, Sundry.

Telenor security analyst Thorbjørn Busch says they followed the same procedure as NRK in order to gain more knowledge about how the scammers behave.

When asked how we can prevent more Norwegians from cheating, he answered quickly.

I feel like I’m repeating it to the point of boredom, but the common denominator of online and mobile fraud is social manipulation.

He adds:

If it sounds too good to be true, it is often too good to be true.


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