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Nidal: Johannes Thingness Beau has had quite a bit to think about after a season of diverse performances.

27 days before his first Olympic distance, Johannes Thingnes Poe (28) was confused and out of ideas.


After five leaps and 21st place – the third worst result of the season – On Sunday the search begins in Oberhof Thingnes Bø was far away. Worst of all: He didn’t have a good explanation.

– I have no ideas, I don’t know what to do. Now I should only hope for a miracle, because it’s not something that hasn’t been tried, the 28-year-old told NRK.

On Monday, he travels home with his wife and children to Kongsvinger, while the rest of the national team goes to Italy. It’s been “Plan A” the whole time. Coming home after his worst weekend in 10 years, he himself said, wasn’t part of the plan.

– It looked pretty black, but I hope it doesn’t stay in the black hole for too long – because chances are there. Johan likely hasn’t faced such tough adversity as now, but he’s a warrior, summed up NRK expert Emil Heigl Svendsen after hearing Thingnes Bø’s honest analysis during the month before highlighting the season, the Olympics.

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Don’t paint in black

Nor is Biathlon Union athletic director Per Arne Potenan too concerned about the man who has been the world’s best athlete for three seasons in a row.

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– The best thing is that everything works optimally. Then it will be safer, and at the same time there is not much that needs to be done. Johannes himself says he is confused, but is doing well physically. With a few small tweaks, I’m sure it would be intimidating at the Olympics, Putnan tells VG.

He shouldn’t paint too much black even if the weekend isn’t perfect. Now he spends a week at home before the competitions in Anterselva and then spends high before the Olympics. Then I think he will be “prepared” well for the Olympics.

Johannes Thingness Poe didn’t want to talk to VG on Sunday night, but he has one message:

– Believe me, the Olympics will be good!

The 28-year-old will train for himself at his home in Kongsvinger before traveling to Anterselva on Sunday.

– If he feels he needs help or wants some follow-up sessions, we have the opportunity to make it happen. We can follow up if he needs to. It’s a bit up to him, Per Arne Putnan says.

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physically good

At home in Kongsvinger, Johannes Thingnes Bø should try to improve his landscape photography. The hit average this season is a modest 78.2. On the stand, it is much better with 86.4 percent.

The results after 11 races at the World Cup this season confirm that the parity and stability of last year is over:

2020/21: 522 World Cup points, two wins, a second place and three third places, average placement: 3.45.
2021/22: 343 World Cup points, one victory and a third. Average position: Thirteenth place.

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The confirmation that there was nothing wrong with physical form came in the sprint race in Oberhof on Friday. Only then was Tarjei Bø faster on the track than Thingnes Bø.

On that day, the problem was that the 28-year-old only hit half the shots…

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